About This Site

If this is yet another religion displacing distorting exploiting corrupting amending the religion that Jesus taught practiced and Illustrated in the Gospels Mark Luke Matthew and most of John , then run from this site and do what you can to burn it down, please?

Why is this site needed at all? Because 2,000 years of what was mentioned in the paragraph above has been done with all the force that humans have been able to muster.

This site intends to be the tedious arduous methodical plodding work of an archaeological excavation. It intends to be the opposite of creative or clever or innovative. It seeks to Simply reveal what has been buried, hidden in plain sight, for thousands of years. Right there in Mark Luke Matthew and almost all of john.

What is sacred on this site is the 1,010 teachings, the instruction, the example of Jesus in Mark Luke Matthew and most of john. The point not being that it isn't a thousand and fifteen, or 1,008. But the list of fragments, sentences, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, Each of which could in one's imagination wind up on a test, an interview exam let's say, as to what Jesus instructed by way of words and examples. Right there in the gospels. That is what is sacred here. 

If you love me, you will keep my words, he said, and my father will love you, and he and I will come make our Abode with you. If you do not love me, you will not keep my words. Why do you call me Lord when you do not do the things that I say? 

And how can we do what he says if we don't have them available to us in our recall? And if we don't devote Our Lives to the attempt, for the collective joyful life of it, starting with ourselves?

Why this site? Because 2,000 years ago a man found the ecstatically joyful life available to all humans, lived it, gave us the instructions for doing it in our own lives and immediately those instructions were displaced, pushed to the side, corrupted perverted subverted buried. Yes, the option he provided us to make earth heaven, Collective joyful life, is now impossible. 

It is thousands of years too late and the apocalypse is now unfolding before us. But it is not impossible for the one in a million that might still be saved from less.

If you're interested in, you're valuing of, Jesus, is for his blood as a sacrificial lamb, for the two or three speaking line part he plays in the Christian story, this site is not for you.

If as have the likes of Walter Rauschenbush, Leo tolstoy, Albert schweitzer, Dorothy day, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and dozens of other extraordinary souls, you see in Jesus the one, a genius for joyful living that has never been seen before or since him, then this site is for you. 

It seeks to do the busy work, the tedious archaeological excavation of the instructions and examples of the man Jesus so that your efforts can go into Mastery of recall, Mastery of execution, and Mastery in sharing and using what Jesus gave us. For the collective Joyful life of it, starting with your own.