Jesianity: Unless you forsake...


Ps. Currently it is not my thought that everyone is called to be a disciple. Well, maybe everyone is, but they should not expect that they are called more than in the direction, to go as far as they can, for the joyful Abundant Life of it. And should gladly accept if they are called to the end, or only parkway, as long as they stay on the path. Voice typing while cycling.


If any man comes to me, and does not forsake his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yes, and his own life, he cannot be my disciple.

Was she terrified? Yes. Was she doubtful about following the call? No.

I feel like I've been loaded into the pod. Rather, I have loaded myself into the pod.

Where will it go? I don't know.

Should I eject? If I wish to fail us all, yes?

I wish to serve us all. The mission continues.

The communication blackout continues, with few exceptions.

These recent months it seemed to me I was being a disciple.

It now seems to me that I was being prepared to try and be a disciple.

Jesus Parables regarding counting the cost before you begin, certainly are coming to mind.

Technical note. Transcription software was used to create this text from the video. It's a wonderful tool. Fabulous. But there are many errors. And time was taken only to correct the most obvious.


Ellie Arroway didn't know what she would find. It was her belief, however, that she felt responsible to pursue. It was her belief that there was something out there, that there was something that needed to be discovered. 

That's what it's feeling like to Disciple James this morning. It's frightening. It's overwhelming. It is sanity challenging. 

If she was a truth seeker, Ellie would have wondered, hey, is this crazy? Getting in this pod that we have no idea of what it does, how it works, that's what it's feeling like to James. 

But an explosion of new insight this morning. 

At the same time, it happens this way. 

And it's probably correct, James thinks, though time will tell. 

Jesus did not call only disciples, as has been James thought recently, clearly not. Not based on what he said, and much more significant to James at the moment. Not based on what he said, and much more significant to James at the moment. Not possible, given what James is seeing right now. 

Did Jesus call everyone? Did Jesus hope everyone would forsake husband, wife, son, daughter, farms, fields, their very life? Maybe he did. Maybe he did. Maybe he did. Maybe he did. Maybe he did. A community of Jedi Knights. A community of Navy Seals, without the violent connotation. 

The Father's Kingdom does not need Navy Seals. Because it is not of this world. But it is Kristalli of Rome. Jesus didn't want any Army, but added a new oner. But the spiritual equivalent, yes, did Jesus want an Army of only Navy Seals? Probably not. 

Does one who thinks gymnastics is important want a world of only Simone Biles, where only the achievement of being just like Simone Biles in every way is the pinnacle? Probably not. 

It would be totally discouraging from the get-go. So the gymnastics coach that wants many, many people involved in gymnastics, do they want no Simone Biles? They want many Simone Biles. Because they point the way. They become a magnet that pulls some people forward. Repels others probably, but pulls more than that forward. 

If someone thinks that gymnastics, and to a degree they might be correct, gymnastics is a very healthy human development tool, well they would want many, aybe most, maybe all people to be involved with it, one way or another. Coaches, supporters, fundraisers, advanced intermediate, Olympic team, farm team, they would want all of that. They would celebrate all of that. 

If they had all of that, but no Simone Biles, then if they had the aptitude they would begin to try to be Simone Biles, that the rest of effort would have that extremely powerful magnet to call people forward. 

They would, if there was a vacuum, they would try and make of themselves a Simone Biles or do what they can to help an aspiring one go as far as they could for the sake of the individual, but much more than that, for the sake of gymnastics. 

Well, anyone thinking this through might say, well, James, we've got Christianity. 

No, no, Christianity, however it happened, fills exactly what Constantine would have wanted. A tool of empire, not a replacement for empire. Not the displacement of empire. By no stretch is it what, by every indication, it is the opposite of what Jesus, devoted his life to. Exactly the opposite. Empire, not the Father's kingdom. 

Well, coming back to the analogy. The world of gymnastics. Empire, rather. 

Our Father's kingdom is the analogy to a world of gymnastics. 

Our Father's kingdom. Is the world seen through the lens, understood through the lens of Jesus, his thousand and ten instructions, and life example, human life example. 

And James is finding it laughably inconceivable with what he is seeing personally this morning, of everyone responding to the call to be like Jesus, as some respond to the call to be like Simone Biles. Really? Really? It's just inconceivable. 

Many are called to be Simone Biles. But very few are chosen to go that far. By life, by creator. 

Well, we need not gymnastics. We need the analogous, the kingdom of heaven. Where Jesus is the Pinnacle against everything else is measured, against which all movement toward progress is measured. 

That we are inspired and drawn to. Devote our lives to, as creator calls us. 

Now football, being another analogy, not a favorable one. Football is much more obviously and completely a tool of empire. Competition, beating one another, dominance. 

But the reason for bringing it up. The more, I don't know. Substantial. Substantial. The more, I don't know. The more, I don't know. The more, I don't know. The more, I don't know. The more, substantially offense aspects of something like gymnastics or building the kingdom of heaven. 

Football. Comes to mind. The beer gut. Do nothing with their lives except spectate. Except spectate. The non-participants that fancy themselves alive because they spectate and they watch. The non-participants. That fanaticize. fancy themselves alive because they spectate and they watch. 

There's certainly that, there There's certainly that. must be that in gymnastics, but just less obviously offensive. 

And that is what Christianity is, it's a spectator sport. Say the magic words at the club door, and not only feel you've achieved something, you're told that you get a condo in the sky. 

There must be that in gymnastics. But just less obviously offensive.
And that is what Christianity is. It's a spectator sport. Say the magic words at the club door. 

And not only do you enjoy the spectating. do you enjoy the spectating of ogling Jesus dying on the cross, but you get a condo in the sky at the end. Oh, it's just so hideous. Wow. Of ogling Jesus dying on the cross. But you get a condo in the sky at the end. Oh, it's just so hideous. Wow.