Jesianity: Jesus' Kingdom-building Project.

Breathtakingly important updates, downloads being received, LOL. 

The call is to Creator's Kingdom, Jesus' ecosystem, here on Earth among us, inhabiting, being, building Creator's Kingdom here on Earth among us. 

Oh my goodness, this just sounds so obvious to say and it is such a revelation for me. 

Jesus called people to be of the kingdom, citizens, now, to build the Kingdom now. 

Probably dozens of times James has read this, he's just understanding this now. 

The kingdom is not identifiable by streets. or by buildings or by what might call itself physical observable community, it is invisible in the sense that it is individuals or people in complete, loving, devoted allegiance to the will of the Father. of their father, of their humanity and thereby they make of themselves subjects in this life of that community for the joyful abundant life of it for themselves and more importantly that it might bring in others to that kingdom, that invisible allegiance, the only source of joyful abundant life. 

James, Disciple James is called to have the impact that a Simone Biles has on gymnastics. every disciple is so-called. She's a magnet. She, by showing what's possible, she draws others in, in a whole variety of ways. She draws spectators in a variety of stages. 

And yes, she draws spectators. But no way is that, are those spectators considerable as gymnasts or part of gymnastics in any reasonable sense. 

People involved with the world of gymnastics, drawing, into the world of creating and proliferating gymnasts, has a Simone Biles and a second tier of Olympic gymnasts at the pinnacle, drawing people in, defining, showing, manifesting what is possible, what is achievable. 

And creating a community and a kingdom of people in a world of gymnastics that may not know each other, often support each other, often they're glad of each other, often inspire each other, are encouragement to one another, sometimes they teach each other, and support each other in different ways. 

In the gymnastics kingdom, there are people that maybe were always in it for the money. They were not in it for the love of gymnastics. 

But it might be that those are rare. And it might well be that they are not the highly esteemed. They are not the admired by most gymnasts. That's speculation on the part of James, but there be it. 

If you don't love gymnastics, you probably can't do it. It's too hard. It's too demanding. And only the capacity for love being the primary, can the motivation, the ongoing reward of the attempt, come forward. And only can the best in the individual be brought out. 

Such a parallel to Jesus' kingdom. 

And yet Jesus' kingdom matters, unlike gymnastics which is still a feature of empire. Jesus kingdom of heaven is not essentially a selfishness. It is essentially an altruism. 

Jesianity is... Humanity elevated to the complete, total operating system for one's life. Elevated to the complete total operating system for one's life.