Soul strengthening: Why Jesianity?

Jesianity, our name for Jesus' teaching, instructions, example that came BEFORE the invention of the supposed: raising anyone from physical death, the crucifixion and death, Mary and the women at the tomb , the Apostles, the road to emmaus, Pentecost, Paul, John, Constantine, Popes, Luther, Calvin, Scofield, every pastor priest preachers took his name and substituted their own religions, their own teachings. 

A few sheep, the one in 100 million, heard his voice, before any miracles, without any proof of his lineage in the gospels. But they recognized the Divine in his Divine teachings instruction and example. And they became possessed by his religion, just one in a million, but there they were.

And then at least one scribe, the gospel of thomas, more clearly than the canonical gospel writers, seem to understand Jesus message, to transmit it, without any of the head and flesh creations just mentioned above.

We call it Jesianity, and we disciples, Jesians.

Why are we? Jesus said, I say these things that my joy might be fulfilled in you. I came that you would have life and have it more abundantly. We want that joy for ourselves and others. We want that abundant life, for ourselves, and for others. Collective joyful life. That's all. That's everything to us.

And after extensive study of the greatest souls in all domains and disciplines throughout history,, we find one who had that life, one who taught it, Jesus.

Jesus doesn't say directly but his parables hint at who gets burned up in the fire, not tortured, just ended quickly. only those to get burned up in the fire who's soul, is so dead, so beyond resurrection, that even in an eternity of ministering it would not come back to life. therefore, it is a Mercy to cast it into the fire. The rich man that for a lifetime ignored the desperate Lazarus