Jesianity: The Tenets (in this 2023 hell World we've destructed)

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Sadly, at best Jesianity,  is for the one in a million that hear Jesus voice, their souls still alive enough to do so. 

It will have no more impact than that, but it might have that. But if that happened, then there are more members of Jesus' soul search and rescue team.

The all but one in 500,000 that are consumed with hatred, won't see his Jesianity because they're blinded by their hatred. They are enslaved to the spirits of their flrsh/head, preventing their liberation to the holy spirit, the spirit of their soul,  the Kingdom of heaven within them. 

The all but one in 500,000 that use their shallow self-serving goodness, product of flesh/head spirits, for their own pleasure, and to keep their soul from escaping their prison, will be blinded by their addiction and make sure that they don't see the truth of Jesianity.

That's the way it was with Jesus. That's the way it'll be with us. He said, he gate is narrow, and few will enter in.

Jesus was to joyful life what Einstein was to macrophysics. Not one in a million have devoted the time to understand either of them but in Jesus case it matters.

Tragic. Way Beyond heartbreaking. And the rest is history.

Not one in a million then now or in the future devote their life, their every breath, to the collective joyful life, starting with themselves, and focusing on the lost sheep, those with potential, their souls not yet fully destroyed by our culture. 

But those that do so devote their life are the only ones that have the joyful life.

One in a million, now, or downstream, here we come.

Tennants of Jesus' Jesianity:

1 Jesianity is unavailable to all but one in a million because only that one in a million has the imagination and the experience, features of a still alive soul, of a holy spirit in them that is not yet dead, to see that Jesus joyful life that he shows us how to have is superior to every other way of being in terms of quality of life. And therefore that all but one in a million is blind to his truth to make the collective joyful life more available. They are slaves of the spirits of their head and flesh, and it is not possible, it is not neurologically possible, for them to ever, ever, ever, ever, see Jesus truths, that only the spirit of the soul, the holy spirit, can see.

Jesus saw it would be that way, he lived the agony of that, and he told us it would continue that way and clearly it has.

But our Jesian life is worth even the smallest possibility of adding another one in a million to having that joyful life. And in the attempt we have it for ourselves. 

 2 Jesus said he came that his Joy would be fulfilled in us, that we might have life more abundantly. We want that for ourselves, and even more so for you.  And we have it.

3 Jesianity: affiliation with this name means nothing. Fulfilling the meaning of the name with or without the name, is everything.   But only each breath that we do.

4 We see with Jesus the one and only perfectly joyful life and therefore the perfect example for us to learn from emulate, follow. We don't prefer to see it that way. We don't prefer to say single Jesus out. We just see that history points at him, and no one else to that degree. The most perfect seed Crystal around which we can organize and grow.

5 This life we see is evident in the 1,010 teachings, The instructions, and example In the gospels. 

6 As it takes extreme and very lengthy effort to understand The teachings of Albert Einstein, it takes at least as much effort to understand the instructions and being of the man Jesus. These are the 500 of his instructions and example that we figure are the most essential to master in recall, and then in practice. 

7 Our faith in the instructions of Jesus are the opposite of blind. We see them affirmed and pointed to in all of the enviable admirable great joyful  lives throughout history. In every discipline, including modern psychology and neuroscience.  

8 As the credible macrophysicist adheres to the teachings of Albert Einstein because they are the closest approximation of the truth we have, we are the same regarding the instructions and example of the man Jesus in the gospels. 

9 We care about Jesus because like him we are addicts for collective joyful life and the collective reduction of suffering. It is worth our whole lives, and therefore it consumes our whole lives. 

10 We are devoted to spreading Jesus instructions, example, his holy spirit, with the same passion and to the same degree that Lister was devoted to spreading the techniques of antiseptic procedure. 

11 We oppose the dilution, adulteration, displacing, obscuring, distorting of Jesus instructions and example in the gospels with the same fervor and for the same reason that any sane person opposes the adulteration of an otherwise perfect life-saving drug. And with grief sadness and anger we see that Christianity has done nothing but this for more than 2,000 years. For whatever well intended and evil reasons all of which he warned about at length over and over and over and over and over in the gospels.  

But the essential reason has become horrifying clear to us. For whatever good reason or bad, Jesus religion of serving our holy spirit, within us, was never passed down, was never understood by those that tried to pass it down, with the possible exceptions of Thomas and james. What was passed down was a religion that like the Jewish religion as it was practiced at the time, was the religion of empire, the religion of strengthening the spirits, harnessing and deploying of the head and flesh.

12 We experience heaven in this life, residing in the Kingdom of heaven within us, the joyful life that comes from living to advance the collective joyful life and reduction of suffering. An actual phenomena of our nervous system. We neither care about nor believe in a life after this one. If there is such a thing, that's the business of someone beside ourselves. Getting people away from suffering and into the joy of the heaven in this life is our preoccupation. We devote everything to it, for the collective joy of it. 

13 We embraceface the truth that the the best way to bring people into heaven, the Kingdom of heaven within them,  is to live from there ourselves as Jesus instructed us to do that, and how to be that. 

14 Our North Star, our propulsion, is to strive with every breath to be obviously worthy of being drafted on to Jesus team. For the ultimate collective joyful life of it. This is the distilled 152 characteristics of life that we think he told us and showed us would qualify one for the team. See elsewhere on this site. We find it useful to focus on these in addition to mastering the 1010.

15 We are not and never will be an organization, a club, members of a club or community.  By way of analogy we are life-saving experts that come upon a horrible crash scene and we disperse looking for the rare individual that can be brought back to joyful life. Do we collaborate, congregate, provide mutual support when that is the best way to save an individual life? Does not that godly trauma team do the same? 

16 We perceive that the key to joyful life, individual and collective, is maintaining the spirit that we would experience as holy thereby displacing the spirits that you or I would experience as not holy, evil. And that this correlates very very highly with keeping the soul, it's holy spirit, in charge, not the spirits of our head or our flesh. 

17 We know that Jesianity is much the opposite of Christianity, that Christianity is much the opposite of the thousand and ten instructions from Jesus in the Gospels and we perceive those 1010 are the truth. Jesianity is a religion of our holy spirit where the flesh is nothing and the spirit is life. Christianity, a religion spirits of our head and our flesh where the body is everything now and eternally, and the holy spirit is nothing. One, where the joy of the holy Spirit in charge is life itself, the other, where the pleasures of head and flesh are misunderstood as life itself.

18 Jesus' instructions and example, Jesianity, are not practical, they are not of this world. To the spirits of our head and flesh, they are insane. They are suicide. They savor that which is if Creator, not that of man. 

19. Unlike Christianity Jesianity most certainly does not lead to the destruction of all creation, the virtually universal suffering that comes from hellish enslavement to pleasure, comfort, happiness, safety, power, supremacy that are the reason for being for the spirits of head and flesh. 

Jesianity does lead to heaven in this life, Here and Now on earth, for every individual practitioner.