If you think life should be heaven on Earth, you are correct.

If you think that nothing physical inside you or outside you should be able to prevent that, you are correct.

I thought this since my earliest days.

If you think everyone should and can have that heaven, you are correct. I think.

If you think that no one or nothing can give it to you, you are correct. I tried this, and failed.

But someone can show you the way. Jesus found it despite the crushing misery administered by the Romans on he and his group. And his teachings, instruction, and life did then, and do now, point the way as nothing else does. I call them, Jesianity. You may consider doing the same.

But because he has been obscured and eviscerated to be some non-speaking token prop in a male domination tribal religious fantasy, I've had to crawl myself back to what he lived and died to give us, right in plain sight in Mark, Luke, Mathew, and even John.

And I've found it, heaven I live from it, and will try and save you some of the time to get to it, his Jesianity.

The kingdom of heaven is within you. Every breath, joyful life for you, and maybe for those you influence.

"Jesian" James McGinley

Ps. And lest you think this some sort of escapism, it's the opposite.