Jesianity: To the repulsed by Christianity, Christians' behavior, and the Jesus of Christianity.

For 2,000 years Christianity has been saying, listen to us, don't listen to Jesus, listen to christianity.

And look at the state of the world. Look at the state of the soul. Total ruin.

With Jesus' Jesianity we've taken a different approach: 

That he could speak for himself, 

that he did mean what he said. 

That he was the way, the truth, and the life. 

And as a consequence we have joyful life in abundance that not one in 100 million in history have ever had. Except for Jesus. Just like he promised.

We were blind, and now we see. That we've, James, been kept blind for 73 years is the power of christianity. That we people have been kept blind for 2,000 years, is the power of christianity.

'Take heed so you are not deceived, for many shall come in my name.' A billion Christians and counting.

Fine, you are repulsed by christianity, so are we.

If you are repulsed by Martin Luther King Junior, Dorothy Day, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Leo Tolstoy, Albert Schweitzer, Walter rauschenbush and their like, then okay.

 But if you are not repulsed by these, if you are drawn to them, then maybe you want to reconsider regarding the historical Jesus?

In fact, reflect on who you find to be the most moral figures in recent history, maybe in history, aren't many of them centrally inspired by the teaching and example of Jesus? 

You really need to reconsider.

Jesus was appalled by religiosity, like Christianity. He could hardly be more clear and forceful in stating this. Over, and over, and over.... And they killed him for it.

Those just mentioned, Martin Luther King Jr. was effectively rejected by Christianity, by the Christians, by the Christian community. And he is Followed only in the most shallow meaningless empty words by Christianity today. 

Leo Tolstoy was excommunicated by Christianity. 

Dorothy Day was an exile of Christianity.

The Barragan brothers left Christianity or at least Catholicism. 

Current moral giants such as Chris hedges and David delinger like slingshots were drawn to Jesus and repulsed by Christianity. 

Do you see a trend here? If you do not then go with our warmest wishes. 

But if you do see a trend, reconsider. 

The great moral icons of history so many of them the greatest to our eyes, Were products of the teachings and example of the man Jesus directly and indirectly. 

You do not want the fire, the joy, the collective life of such people as these? You want to reject for yourself the figure that was their inspiration? Or are You are rather repulsed by exactly what Jesus was repulsed by in the religious of his day: the hypocrisy, the exclusiveness, the inherent hatred, the inherent cruelty?

We are.

Jesus was, repulsed by every aspect of Christian behavior, in the Jew religious of his day, as he would be in the Christian religious of this day. 

The historical jesus, repulses you how?

Are cutting off your nose to spite your face?

Are you rejecting your greatest friend and Ally based on hateful hearsay?

The Christian Church institution is entirely a white male world-domination cult. Whatever they may convince themselves of to the contrary. Satan is the Great deceiver. The exceptions prove the rule.