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  • I am maintained in the Kingdom of heaven within me each breath that I am devoted to maintaining the rulership of the spirit that is holy within me, and encouraging it in others. Leading others to do the same. For the collective and individual joyful life of it.

  • Life continues to teach me to believe in Jesus.

  • Live as though you could bring joyful life to and eliminate all suffering of everyone on earth. And realize that you probably can't help anyone at all. www.

  • All suffering results from losing the war for the spirit holy to be in charge.

  • Kingdom of heaven is a place to fight from, not a place to hide in.

  • Jesus spoke when and how about entering the kingdom of heaven?......

  • What are the features and aspects of characteristic of the spirit?

  • And those who have done good will come to the resurrection of life. Jesus meant what by good?

  • Jesus makes sense to a little child. Only to little a child. Adults can't understand him so they rationalize him in their own preference.

  • A way of dealing with the horror. A way to retain some sanity in an insane world 

  • A filter, a lense, for seeing life, finding heaven within you

  • How is Jesus the opposite of Christianity, the capitalism, the ways of the world?

  • Church of the man Jesus.

  • Husbandman.

  • Personification.

  • Care and contrast heart, soul, spirit that is holy.

  • Being a disciple.

  • Personal experience. 

  • Testimony. 

  • Stories. 

  • Jesus marveled at their unbelief.

  • Describe the kingdom of heaven.

  • The most moral of systems yet designed.

  • The singular fulfillment of positive psychology. 

  • What is God? The spirit that is holy.

  • The trillions of obstacles to the spirit that is holy.

  • How do Jesians think of themselves? Subject, servant, dutiful child, laborers, children of creator, vessels, interns.