Admin: A note from the curator of this site


We experience, my soul and I, as being used by the universe to channel the spirit, teachings, and example of the man Jesus back into the world after 2,000 years.

Are we the only soul in 2000 years to be used this way? With horror, we don't see another.

We see impossibly great souls such as Leo tolstoy, Albert Schweitzer, Dietrich Bonhoeffer... That have been profoundly animated by the spirit, teachings, example of the man Jesus. People with intellects and knowledge and skills that dwarf our own.

But each in their own way resonated with Jesus and their output was largely not of him, but of themselves. Is that bad? They made wonderful contributions to goodness in the world.

But with all their additions, as wonderful as they may be, they clouded and obscured what otherwise could have been the most perfect channeling of the spirit, teachings, and example, that possessed the man jesus, that we could choose to do the same.

We experience, my soul and my head, that we are being used in some unimaginable way by the universe, figuratively speaking, to channel the spirit, example and teachings of the man Jesus back into the world in as unadulterated, unmodified, pure form as can be done from the sources commonly available, the four canonical gospels.

To do so in such a transparent way that the reader can, and is implored to, clearly evaluate the effort for themselves as to whether or not it is authentically the one that Jesus offered us, or, that it is yet another valiant, but highly clouded, modified, creative, obscuring and adulterated attempt.

Not that the attempt is without originality. Why would it have originality? For two reasons. One. This is a different world than the one Jesus spoke into. There have been 2,000 years of what might be called scientific advances that pertain and can be seen to provide the underpinnings, the neurophysiological underpinnings of his brilliant vision. Two. There is 2,000 years of perversion, adulteration, manipulation, distortion, propagandizing, counterfeiting, of his vision, example, teachings and spirit that are ingrained to some degree in almost all that would view this current work embodied on this site. And it is judged that there is some substantial help required for them to see back to Jesus original vision, spirit, example, and teachings.

As long as this site has the curator James speaking to you as the only curator of the site, it will be stillborn. An utter tragedy of historic proportions.

But every possible effort is being made to avoid that. This initial curator is literally crawling through 48 of the United States attempting to make of his soul a lure, also on the internet, to attract a second curator, and the third, and the fourth, and so on, if the universe has placed souls here in the United States or anywhere in the world, that are called to do so.

As Jesus said, when two or more, not one, when two or more stand in my name I will be present with them. Paraphrase. Only when two or more stand in his name does his power come back to earth. One Plus One in this case equals 50, 2 + 1 = 1,000, 3 + 1 = a million? The relative value, the relative impact potential for the next soul, the next souls, who knows how many souls might be brought back to life? It's a matter of life and death. Jesus said, the spirit is life, the flesh means nothing. Is that not true?