Jesianity: Jesus' Jesianity in 6 Words: Be your holy spirit. It's heaven!

Approximately December 2023

Your life choices may all boil down to this:

Jesianity: Jesus spirit, soul, example and teachings from the canonical gospels. Full stop. 

All blasphemies will be forgiven except blasphemy is against the holy spirit. Jesus

Why do you call me good? Only the Father in heaven is good.

If you keep my words the father will love you, and the father and I will come and make our abode with you.

If your earthly father knows how to give you good gifts, how will your heavenly father not give you the holy Spirit if you ask?

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

Unless you convert and become like a little child you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Those who do good will go to the resurrection of life.

If you give your life to the least of these you will be repaid by going to the resurrection of the just. Paraphrase with license

The most joyful among you will be your servant, the minister to all. Paraphrase with much license

The prodigal son wasted his talents enslaved to the spirits of his head and flesh, and then he repented and returned to his father, his holy Spirit who rejoiced and welcomed him and crowned him. Paraphrase with much much license

If you cast off everything that your head and flesh Spirits desire you can follow me back to your kingdom of heaven within you. Be your holy spirit. Paraphrase with much much much license....


Be your holy spirit. It's Heaven.

Do you notice a common theme with all of these sayings of Jesus? They all equate to making up oneself a vessel, a container, a conduit for your spirit that is holy, the spirit of your soul , thereby displacing all your Myriad of other spirits, which are manifestations of your flesh/head in charge.

Jesus showed us, and told us, be your Holy Spirit. It's heaven. Your soul in charge is your kingdom of heaven Within you. 

Buried in plain sight underneath Paul's (et al) Christianity for 2,000 years now, now resurrected here. Understood and amplified with what has been learned and can be applied, these last 2,000 years.

The great Rabbi Hillel was asked by a scholar, rabbi, can you recite the entire Torah standing on one foot? Rabbi Hillel responded, do not do to others what you would not have them do to you, all the rest is commentary. Paraphrase.

If Jesus today were asked that question, with the benefit of everything in science and other pursuits that has been learned since then, his answer would be:

Be your holy spirit. It's heaven. 

All the 1010 teachings, instruction, example, in the canonical Gospels from me, Jesus would go on, are absolutely necessary white lines and guardrails to speed you back to the kingdom of heaven within you, your soul.


And he spoke his thousand and ten teachings and examples because he knew that those white lines on the highway and those guardrails were utterly necessary and essential to achieve his goal, that you return to the heaven within you into which you were born as a child and from which you were brutally extracted by your sick insane culture.

2/26/24 update: I hope that the holy spirit substantially equates to one's humanity. I think it does, and that is much more concrete and manageable for me.


  1. Yes to be the Holy Spirit is to really be Alive!

    1. Yes, and yet it's a curious sort of thing isn't it? When I'm in the Kingdom of Heaven Within me, the place of joy and abundant life, it is when I am being waged, lived, controlled, by my taskmaster, my unsympathetic, lol, spirit that is holy. The spirit of my soul.


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