Soul strengthening: We are looking at life through the wrong lens

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About 7 years ago one of my eyes went blind in the space of 2 months. A complete blur, 99%. Nothing could be recognized. Impossible said Georgetown University hospital, it can't happen that fast. When they figured it out, it had happened that fast, it was cataracts. James, what we have to do is remove your faulty lens, and give you a lens that works. 24 hours later my blindness became 20/20 sight.

The videos we've seen are heartwarming, overwhelmingly wonderful. The little children that are effectively blind, and yet a new lens instantly, not after a day, not after a year, not after decades of trying, instantly, with a new lens, they see the world, and they see the world it's beauty, in a new way. Just by changing the lens.

It is existentially impossible for you or me to not be looking through a lens. A whale or a dolphin or a 2-year-old child looks through the lens of their soul, the holy Spirit by whatever name or none. The soul being their limbic system, the supercomputer in ourselves that we cannot control but we can turn ourselves over to its control. And then in our children, 99.999% of them our cultural and religious institutions crush that mammalian lens, and replace it with a hideous set of lenses from our head and flesh, the spirits of our head and flesh. How do we do that? More on that in a post within the next couple of days, Creator willing. But with just a little thought you can figure out as well as i.

No discredit to them, the apostles, at least as rendered in the four canonical gospels, They never were able to put in place the lens of their soul, their holy spirit. They therefore tried to understand jesus, who embodied pure soul, whose kingdom was not of this world, not of the head and flesh spirits, they tried to understand him through the lenses of the spirits of their head and flesh, and it is impossible. It is neurologically impossible.

Did no one understand Jesus then? The Epistle of James says, yes, someone did. The writer of that writes from the soul. The gospel of thomas, the writer is of the soul, and saw Jesus that way. Mary Magdalene apparently was of the soul and in encountering Jesus her soul was brought back to life and back on track.

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This vehicle is a miraculous vehicle for this work and it is insanely dangerous and Sol and I are in murderously hate drenched rural Eastern colorado. Tomorrow is promised to no man. Help. Now. Before it is too late for your input to do some good.