Soul strengthening: Do unto the least of these, to witness where the joyful life is!

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20 years of radical non-violent activism, and only today my soul is cluing me in?

James, the soul clues me in now, Smh, only half of your work James of standing inbetween the victims and the victimizers, shielding the victims with your body, only half of that is to wake up the all but one in 100 million bystanders! 

The other half, is to bring courage to those on the sidelines whose soul is telling them that life is where you're standing, James. You are witnessing to them that yes, that is where the joyful life is! Nowhere else! As Jesus said, as you do unto the least of these you do unto me. He spoke of the Resurrection to life of the righteous. The resurrection to life of those that do good. What dreidel greater cruelty has Christianity done then say that the resurrection is after our body dies rather than in the instant that we embrace being good, the instance that we embrace being righteous, the instant that we devote our lives to the neediest among Us.

Oh, thanks for telling me. Better late than never I guess.