Jesianity: You are the Prodigal Child: A. Your kingdom of Heaven inside? Or, B. Your kingdom of Hell inside? That's it.

Approximately December 2023. Slight updating June 2024.

You are the Prodigal Child: 

A. Your kingdom of Heaven inside? 

B. Or, Your kingdom of Hell inside? 

C. That's it. 

Biologically, neurologically, physiologically, you have no third choice. 

Have you ever noticed that?

Jesus' Jesianity in a nutshell:

1. Heaven: We are born into the Kingdom of Heaven within us, our soul, our mammalian brain, our Humanity.

2. Hell: We exile ourselves unknowingly from the kingdom of heaven into the kingdom of hell. Our totally lost complex cultures, unlike undisturbed Aboriginal tribes, rips us out of that Kingdom telling us that life is the spirits of the head and flesh, the deceitfulness of riches, the cares of the world, be realistic, be responsible. Love your servitude in empire. 

What dolphin, what canine, know such slavery?

3. Return to heaven: And sometimes, oh so rarely, that's where Jesus' Jesianity comes in, something leads us back to the kingdom, and it embraces us with open arms. The Kingdom of Heaven within us, our soul, our mammalian brain, the place of infinite joy, and every breath service.

It's true. You can't escape it.

I could have freed a thousand more if they had known that they were slaves. Harriet Tubman.

Unwittingly, we leave the kingdom of heaven, our soul, our mammalian brain, our Humanity in charge, when we are young children and make of ourselves slaves:

The sower soweth the word....

... They hear the word with joy... 

... When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away. 

... but the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful.

Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop—some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times what was sown.”

... I speak these words that my joy might be fulfilled in you, that you would have life, and have it more abundantly.

The kingdom of heaven is within you, is within me. 

And also the kingdom of hell. Those are the two choices.

We are subjects, joyful servants, to the Lord of heaven, our holy Spirit of our soul, or....

...We are slaves of the pleasures of our masters, the spirits of our flesh head: comfort, safety, pleasure, intoxication, lust, excitement.... trouble or persecution ... the worries of this life, ... the deceitfulness of wealth...  desires for other things.

Slaves. Slaves. And Empire depends on slaves, make slaves, keep slaves, and forces slavery, and teaches that it is virtue, that it is saturday, that it is God's way. Thank you christianity.

It is true, that you cannot escape the need to face the worries of this life, trouble or persecution, temptation....!!!!

But you can choose your holy Spirit, your humanity, to be in charge of you, your soul, your mammalian brain, any and every breath, and instantly you are no longer slave of ... the need to face the worries of this life, trouble or persecution, temptation....!!!!

Neurologically, physiologically, neurobiologically the only choice you and I can make from breath to breath, is which of our Spirits is in charge of us.

1. Our spirit that is holy, the spirit of our soul, our limbic system, our mammalian brain. Or...

2. The spirits of our flesh head in charge, spoken of by Jesus in the parable above. The flesh being our hypothalamus, the so-called reptile brain. The head being our cerebral cortex. Which is also sort of the mouthpiece, our connection with, our mammalian brain.

Which Spirit by accident or by choice we have in charge in any particular breath is what determines everything else.

1. Hellish slave, although like the ones Harriet Tubman talked about, we don't see ourselves as hellish slaves now do we?

2. Joyful servant, because that's exactly what it feels like when your spirit that is holy, your soul, your humanity, is in charge, does it not? You see the child dangerously in the street and an oncoming truck, and you race into action. Why? Such a situation pulls your soul, your holy spirit, your Humanity in charge and for the joy of it you race into danger. Jesus every breath was like that. As it is for every truly admirable soul in history.

Jesus decided that his whole life would be joyful and abundant, so he made of himself the joyful servant of his lord, his master, his soul, his holy spirit, his Humanity, his mammalian brain, his father in heaven.

And for the joyful abundant Life of it he gave every breath until his last to lead us to do the same.

Are you not called, am I not called, to bring Jesus, his Jesianity, into the world for one more try? For our own joyful abundant life? For the joyful abundant Life of anyone that we influence?

Oh yes, the prodigal child. 





  1. I'm thinking the Kingdom of hell never exists on the inside it only exists on the outside. Heaven is where the holy spirit resides, heaven is on the inside once we see that, understand, realize , submit to it ... we then can enter into the kingdom of heaven and come to know the JOY of it!

    1. The way I experience it, heaven for me is doing the will of the father, my soul, my Holy Spirit which is so unsympathetic but such a wonderful taskmaster. And when I am not doing that I experience life as hell, adrift, meaninglessness, misery. Both are experiences that I find inside myself. And it seems to me that others although they may use different words or not think about it have similar experience.


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