Jesianity: What's the point? 0ptimal gratification. Individual. Collective.

Approximately December 2023. Flight updates June 2024.

Jesianity: What's the point? 0ptimal gratification. Individual. Collective.

This is the inescapable truth, every breath, for every life form. For every life form, this truth is the force, the exertion, of creation. It is inescapable. It is impossible to escape.

And the human species alone of all life forms, mammal, and otherwise, is cursed. The human species alone has a bug, a glitch, an error of design. 

The combination of our cerebral cortex and our hypothalamus, head and flesh respectively, can create a state, spirits, which pulls us away from optimal gratification, and it's worse than that, it convinces us, addicts us, that it's what we want to do. And thereby it makes us its slaves, to that destructive, miserable, insanity. Our head and flesh in charge of our humanity. And not vice versa as in every other species.

The mammalian brain, our limbic system, our soul, the seat of our humanity, doesn't know how to make that mistake. It's impossible for it. But when it loses energy, power, to the spirits of the flesh head, it's in control no longer and the system goes into a miserable death spiral, itself, dragging others, and now all of Creation with it.

God knows why, more perfectly than anyone that many of us see in history, Jesus escaped that death spiral. No credit to him, no discredit to anyone else, but he did. He said, why do you call me good, only creator, that creative force, the holy spirit, Spirit of humanity, is good. Paraphrase.

If you don't think that Jesus is the best teacher, if your soul doesn't tell you that Jesus is the best teacher, the best example, the best chance you have for the absolute Heaven on Earth optimal gratified life? Our best wishes go with you! We hope that if you're right, that you prove it to yourself and then come back and tell us here! Hurry!

But in the meantime, for the greedy inescapable joy, the optimal human experience, the optimal human gratification, the optimal mammalian gratification, for the joyful abundant life of it, we're devoted disciples to mastering and proliferating his way of being, his Jesianity.