Soul strengthening: Spiritual black belt in jiu jitsu. Not today.

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Black belt spiritual jiu jitsu skills were needed by James today and he didn't have them. Not yet.

Three encounters today where I was less than pleased with the level of service I provided.

The encounters were very pleasant.

And that's part of the problem. In all cases pleasantry is a force field put up by the head and flesh against any possibility that something will evoke the soul within them to life.

One a wealthy couple, materially wealthy like my mom and dad and we children in the materially wealthy, spiritually impoverished suburb of New York City in Northern New jersey. An outlier, my dad is the most spiritually wealthy person I've ever known. 

+ I remained slightly of the soul, 

-  but pretty heavy involvement by the head. When encountering someone of the head that tends to invoke the head.

- I let my frustration trigger my head rather than my soul.

Next time: greet them with the full power of my soul on the off chance that would invoke theirs, a recognition response. So be less reactive james, more proactive at the very start of the encounter in the hopes of establishing a different tone. Your tendency, maybe politeness, is to start with a space for the other two set the tone. You can pretty well assume they're not going to start from the soul, so best not to wait, start from yours. See what happens.

Another encounter was with a man probably in his late 30s, quite educated in various spiritual practices around the globe. And in our long exchange never once did I find a way to get past his head and flesh to his soul.

- James was not proactive leading from his soul with the off chance that it would have made it an interchange, dialogue of the soul. Had James done so it might have been that the party he was interchanging with would have wondered whether they were being impolite by staying of the head. What a useful experience for the individual that would have been.

- and this individual, not inappropriately, not unusual, was very proud of his intellectual abilities and he relished the idea of having an able intellectual partner which I did not try to be but james, you need to find ways to avoid being that so as not to encourage to behavior in such an aggressively intellectual person. Earth to james.

In the third encounter, in this sophisticated Pagosa springs, in the supermarket, approaching the customer service desk about parking here in the night, James approached with pleasantries, which was a bit of cowardice on his part. Again james, all three of these indicate that you owe it to the one you're encountering to lead from the soul. How do I do that, James asks? Well, I guess we'll just have to try and learn won't we? Yep.

The 4th encounter, apparently Creator took a little bit of Mercy on me, a fella about my age approached, politely said he just took a picture. We engaged for maybe 10 minutes. He didn't make it hard. There were no defenses up on his part no Shielding of his soul nor was his soul highly in evidence. But because his Shields weren't up James Soul was able to reach out to his. This wealthy individual, based on the donation that he made at the end of our exchange, totally unexpected, heard James say, much better than James did in an earlier encounter, well, I came from a town of tragic spiritual poverty and massive material wealth. That seed was planted, not very deep, but it was planted, and it was a welcome seed by the man's soul. It came out in the conversation that I'm called to take this ministry, the idea that Jesus provided 100% of the leadership, instruction, and training of what we needed, and that paul, probably a nice fellow, went off with his own describe and Pharisee religion Christianity and here we are today. The man did not respond in any way that showed his beliefs, but he clearly was glad with what he heard, and maybe a little bit sad.

James has much to learn.

Did he hurt any of these individuals? No. Did he offer some seeds? He offered some seeds definitely. Did he plant any seeds? There's no evidence that any seeds were planted. Except in that last individual. Rather they just sort of bounced off.

In these cases he provided the card. This is new, with the new card and the website now functionally complete. This is very hopeful. Even looking at it and throwing it out, and the words, the six word distillation of Jesus teachings, has the chance, not a bad chance at all, of planting itself in the soul. Great hope in that.

James is called to be not just a fisher of persons' souls, but a fisher of apostles for Jesianity, but I suppose more generally a fisher of the soul, casting a lure such that the soul is lured past the vigilant Savage guards of head and flesh. And hopefully not only lured forward but engaging joyfully in a dialogue.

The nature of the work that James needs to do, the nature of the work that Jesus did, was spiritual jiu-jitsu. One can be a white belt or progress through the many stages to being a black belt.

Today James was a yellow belt. Ugh 

Intellectually James was a black belt, but that is at Best of no use, and more likely encourages the strength of the guardian head in the one he's addressing.

So much to learn. Much strength to develop. Much to master.

Must ponder these situations and learn from them. For next time.


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