Soul strengthening: Cruel cowardly cop out, Attempting to lift Spirits, near always. Attempt to lift souls, life itself.

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To be cruel, cowardly, to cop out, does not require intent, quite the opposite, denial is generally the enabler.

Remind me, when did we see Jesus do a light lift attempt? When did we see Jesus trying to lift spirits? Did he make a mistake? Was he an error? It's possible, is it likely? He devoted his life to lifting Souls from the dungeon where their place by the spirits of flesh/head. He gave his life joyfully to lift Souls out of that prison. If you want his joyful life, which he promised you could have, you have to attempt the same. You don't have to succeed in the attempt, you have to succeed in making the attempt, time after time after time, breath after breath after breath.

We're in trouble folks, aren't we? Light lifting is what's needed? Light lifting will bring joy to your soul? Go for the heavy lift, attempt to lift the soul of the person in front of you, the attempt is full success and your soul will reward you with joyful life every breath.

My generation, the boomers, we've brought all life on Earth to and end, with that light lifting b*******. Stop it. F****** stop it. It's like making a diet of cotton candy, it kills you, and it leads others to do the same. Stop it.