Disciple James Learnings Log


Einstein's equation is not less valuable because it has less than 10 symbols, but more valuable because of the simplicity, obviously. Necessary, complete, sufficient, simple. That does not make it easier to deal with, it does not make it more persuasive, or more attractive, but it does make it of much more potential value.

I believe that the following may be the equivalent of Einstein's equation, but for the infinitely more important spirit, soul, teachings, and example of the man Jesus in the four canonical gospels. It can never be substituted for the thousand and ten teachings. But to the determined passionate greedy disciple it may be a useful distillation in addition to those thousand and 10..

Also, Jesus did say, why do you call me Lord when you do not do the things that I say? 

 He did not say, why do you call me Lord when you have not taken away all my words, reduced me to a dumb four-legged animal that is nothing more than a blood sacrifice fulfilling an old tribal bloody ritual prophecy. In support of your flesh/head religion based on 62 of the 66 books in the Bible everything literally true, except for the four books I gave you. And oh by the way, do you remember that I hate sacrifices?

 1/15. James, some of the lessons offered to you this past week or so, consolidated this sabbath observance:

- If it is not lifting other's souls, why are you investig energy in it?

- Stop addressing others from your flesh/head spirits to theirs.

- Each breath that you allow yourself to be distracted from the mission to lift souls, expect misery.

- Each breath that you devote to lifting souls, expect joy. Regardless of how absurd it seems.

- Remember, what does your holy spirit care about anything material? It cares about soul, holy spirit.

- So if you find yourself attached to thoughts of material things, that's not your holy spirit, your soul.

- Remember, every of the 1010 teachings and example of Jesus that you do not have committed to memory is not available to you to inform your life, and to share with others.

- Dialogues of head flesh to head flesh do not lead to Resurrection of the soul. They don't. James, how many times do you have to relearn this?

- Do good, be good, as best you know. That's all. Be your holy spirit. It's heaven.

- If you are indeed a disciple of Jesus, on the path that he showed, if more than one in 100 million understand what you're doing, and agree, you're not on the path that Jesus laid out and showed. www.jesianity.info

Lessons. 1/13/24

Lessons being taught again. For the 1000th time. 

Mind your own business james. That's what your loving Taskmaster does. But it sure isn't what the flesh head spirits do in a crisis and this last week has been and environmental crisis.

It is not your business, james, to make things work out right. Even that you physically survive. That is creators business.

It is not your business how other people react to your situation, whether they like that you're hanging out for several days, for example. That's not your business james. Your Business is what you do. Your business is that you be an instrument of your spirit that is holy, your unsympathetic, loving, Taskmaster, your soul.

Jesus said, do not worry what you shall eat or what you shall wear. Does not your father in heaven, your holy spirit, know that you need those things? Paraphrase with liberties taken. My goodness. I just understood this teaching of Jesus for the first time.

James here, it is hard to do this work, test this theory that Jesus provided all the answers, in the absence of others that are passionately pursuing the same vision, testing that same Theory exactly. No complaint here. It's just hard to do it alone. Not unwelcome, not unpleasant, but a much higher degree of difficulties. Voice typing while cycling. Www.jesianity.info