Disciple James log. 1/27/24. The four of the 66 books that ask us to do something, we don't like. I've never thought of that the man said.

He asked about the vehicle, in his expensive car, nicely dressed, from Virginia he said. I told him as I told many people today, it breaks my heart, the answer to life has been hiding right in plain sight, before canonical gospels, four books in the bible. But they ask us to change our hearts so we bend over backwards to explain to ourselves why Jesus didn't really meant what he said.

We like the 62 that keep us a spectators, and we explain away before that show us how to live the joyful Life by changing our hearts.

I never thought of that, he said. And clearly he was being honest.

Also, 2 things:

This is the third day that the notion that what James needs to be and what the world needs of James is for him to be the best disciple of Jesus that he possibly can. 3 days isn't very long. But he is showing the promise of being the elegantly simple total solution to James life he had hoped for. The answer to the complete simple joyful life for himself individually, and by far the best and maybe only way that he can help another find the joyful life.

Tactically, to frame things in terms of the four books and the other 62 may be a much more powerful way of getting past defenses appropriately then James has yet discovered.


It seems that forgiveness, according to jesus, and in fact, works both ways or it doesn't work at all. And that's probably neurophysiologically correct. He said, If ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses. And also in the prodigal son, and elsewhere.


Hour after hour in recent days I sit in Country Store truck stops like this. Sol parked outside. Studying the thousand and ten teachings and example of jesus. Being that presence, honestly studying, as an honest Ardent disciple, open-minded, I don't think I've ever done anything better in my life, more hopeful for those around me. Being truly a disciple in the midst of people. It is the narrow joyful path that Jesus showed us, a disciple of our holy spirit, of our soul, as Jesus was first.