Jesianity: The neurophysiology of Jesus example and instructions to us

Approximately November 2023. Slight updates June 2024.

Note to the reader. This being a lead entry on this site does not, does not, does not imply that it is strategically important to agree with or understand. This is not said to diminish the importance of understanding this. Just to keep it in perspective.

Jesus said, take heed how you understand. To those that understand more will be given. To those that have little what they have will be taken away. 

This is understood by us to mean, use it, or lose it. Ponder deeply what is given to you, work it deeply, examine it carefully, and your understanding will grow and eventually blossom. That's how we experience it. And your capacity to understand will grow, as you use and therefore strengthen the neural pathways involved.

At the same time he said, if you keep my words, you will do the works that I do, and greater works than these will you do. Because I go on to the father. 

It seems he left a part unspoken, I go on to the father and you have time here to learn and grow further in some respects than I did.

And shame on us if we don't.

It was not necessary for Jesus to have the benefit of 21st century neuropsychological research and advances to fully embrace and embody the vision he was given; which essentially is placing ones every breath under the control of their holy spirit, their soul, their limbic system, their mammalian brain, their humanity.

But shame on Us in 2023 if we do not utilize the neuropsychological science now available to bolster our confidence in applying his vision to our own lives for the joyful life of it, and leading others in the same direction.

Though far from an inspired or perfect work, and invaluable meta-analysis from Harvard psychologist George valliant, who was at the right place at the right time on the Harvard campus to see multiple disciplines contributing to a new understanding, his book, "spiritual evolution" is a profoundly valuable resource.

In a nutshell, multiple disciplines over the last 15 years have found that the common wisdom, that the brain tissue between the hypothalamus, the reptile brain, fight flight food and fornicate, the tissue between that and what is revered as the human brain sadly, the cerebral cortex, just a really really useful tool, the head, the tissue between these of very considerable mass, thought to be inert, is anything but inert. It is not the reptile brain. It is not the human brain, it is the mammalian brain. It is the seat of the soul, our humanity, what Jesus experienced as the soul and all its features.

Throughout this Jesianity repository the notion of spirits of the soul, the holy spirit, our humanity,... and spirits of the head and flesh, greed, lust, anger, fury, selfishness, envy, pride.... Are referred to as features of the three different body parts, brain parts mentioned above. 

The neurophysiological underpinnings of spirits are not identified as we understand it so far. And that's not necessary. You can feel them, we feel them. 

Whatever they are, like gravity that exists whether we know how to explain it or not, the truth of the human condition as we experience it is that the only control we have is over which Spirit or spirits we allow to control our life. 

And really the only choice is, every breath, either to invoke our spirit that is holy, our holy spirit, our humanity, in charge of us, or if we don't do that then absolutely for certain we will be under control of the spirits of our flesh/head. With no concept of, or ability to embrace, the circuits for a humanity. Quite the opposite.

Jesus said, you judge according to the flesh. Designating the flesh/head spirits in charge.

Jesus said, the father never leaves me because I always do what pleases him. Designating the soul, holy spirit, humanity, utilizing the head in charge.

Neurologically we understand the limbic system, to be the seat of the soul, our humanity, and all its features, unconditional love, wonder, aw, inspiration, intuition, vision, epiphany, communion with the great holy Spirit, wisdom, empathy, compassion , understanding , soul, our holy spirit....


  1. Howdy James, Mark D love to comment the most evil thing ever created, the human heart, full of adultery and murder right, is in constant battle with our brains will choice. The Pure Energy Light inside of us is always helping us choose the will of Father. Seems like a continual battle but how or where would we get contrast,or to become perfect. Will choice, man, what a mandate, be ye perfect... Maybe not yet but in time our wills will be in totum,the Father of Lights Will be done. Love You Mark

    1. Hello mark. Well, my view of it I think has a bit more structure as expressed in this post and other pages on this site. But additional Clarity that I find in structure is helpful to me in spending more time residing in the Kingdom of Heaven Within me, and helping others do the same, then otherwise would be the case.


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