Admin: Notes to collaborators, associate curators....

Beloved creator, mother, father, great collective of holy Spirits,

I implore you, we implore you, to use us to lure the souls, starting with our own, beyond The gatekeepers, their prison guards, the spirits of the head and flesh, out to the light, out to the joyful life that you created us for. 

Help me, help us, discern, whether this infant of a website, whether it is a Divine infant that i, that we, need to nurture to growth, life, fruition as a powerful resource for the elite heroic trauma team that your world desperately needs, to recruit and arm thereby new members, to re-establish the team of disciples, healers, saviors... you intended to have on earth, that we might liberate from hellish enslavement to head and flesh spirits, one soul, maybe two, maybe three. Mother, we are hurting. Your children are in agony. This is a desperate matter of life and death. The one that jesus carried his cross for so many years ago.

Your will be done, not ours.

Your yearning servants, (say your name)

 Regarding this site as of December 20th, 2023.

If one is inches from a television screen what they see is meaningless, just a scattering of pixels. But if they step back the pixels begin to form a cohesive picture.

This site is a repository for the pixels that James has been shown these last 73 years that inform and animate his life with a level of joy, passion, commitment, intensity, that he wanted to have from the time he was a little boy, because he saw that exquisitely joyful life in his biological father, and then in the man jesus.

Are the pixels here sufficiently ordered, those scattered as they are throughout this site, are they sufficiently ordered and clear that anyone else at this point can make sense of them?

That's the first thing that James needs to know from you. Please give it a try. If you find it impenetrable, please tell him. If you find it penetrable, please tell him.

If you plan to give it a try, minutes, an hour or so, please tell him in advance so he knows what to expect. So that if he hears from no one he knows to expect that. Thank you.

.... James, thank you for thinking of me but:

- I'm just not in a position to help it all right now. Best of luck to you.

- wow, this seems to have a tremendous overlap with the vision that's calling me. I expect to spend hours over the next 5 days, and then I'll do what Creator tells me from there, if I get pulled away or dissuaded I will let you know and help manage your expectations.

- or anything in between.

Please see additional comments below:

You are desperately needed. Every hour, day, lifetime that you are called to do. Please search your soul, and set expectations with the rest of us accordingly.

Your time, anyone involved in this website and the broader mission, time is life. Without question Jesus lived that way and taught the same. Someone approached him and said I want to follow you. But first let me go and bury my father. Let the dead bury the dead, he said. Cruel? Soldiers are in a raging firefight, one of them is wounded and killed. Another says to one fighting alongside him, I'll be back in a minute I'm going to bury this fella. The fighter alongside him says, let the bed dead bury the dead. And no one is surprised. 

And Jesus gave his life to raise and lead an army fighting for something infinitely more important than the body, the individual and collective soul. For the joyful collective life of it. 

Each step of any collaboration each individual owes it to themselves and to any others in the effort, to keep tabs on their own expectations, how much time their soul is telling them to commit, and to communicate that in a timely and approximate fashion to the others so they can plan accordingly and use their time effectively.

There is much repetition on this site. There is much repetition in the teachings and example of the man jesus. In his work, our work, it is necessary. 

But it is far from always desirable. Those that undertake to read through this site, those that undertake to collaborate, will find much repetition. With enough time and effort that can be greatly consolidated. The site can be greatly consolidated and much better organized. 

But that is not our task at hand right now. It is better that the major concepts and content be improved, that the vision that it currently expresses evolve so that is is the vision that possesses many of us. That is the critical job. 

As that gets underway, if that gets underway, only then is it at all important that such things as redundancies and better organization becomes a factor. 

And only if work on that gets underway, do we even approach where wordsmithing is appropriate. 

We must face the fact that for now there will be very limited time, very limited  collaborators, to undertake this work and we must keep our focus where it is most important.

1. As of December 20th, this repository is  ready for step one. Step one is for souls that are so called to spend time on the site first, to attempt to grasp the vision that is channeling through james, the full-time curator. Second, if you sense that you are grasping the rough outlines of the vision that is possessing james, then share with him major areas, major areas only, that you question, that you think are mistaken, that you think are particularly correct. 

If collaborators emerge in sufficient numbers with sufficient time, then, James prays, additional steps will unfold that will take the website to be much more efficiently used as a resource, and doing so will require additional tools to protect the time of every collaborator.

2. More granular, more detailed, input to James regarding the substance of the site, not just major issues but secondary opportunities for substantive content correction, improvement, expansion....

Both of the above can probably be done best in a messenger or signal or messages collaborative group.

3, 4, 5... If collaborators with enough time and number come to bear on this task, it probably indicates something that has not been discussed has happened. That is that the early collaboration, the collaborators are finding that the vision that possesses James has substantial overlap to the vision that calls to them.

3. For the collaborators that have been engaged to communicate the major changes and/or additions to the vision expressed in the website... that it better reflect the vision within them that calls them. If we never get to this step the website is still a divinely Worthy resource. 

But it is barely on life support blessed and until others begin to shape it into a vision that is theirs, not just james. 

If it reaches and moves through this third stage then it is no longer a vision that possesses one person, but possesses two. And as has been discussed elsewhere, Jesus said, when two or more stand in my name I will be in the midst of them. The potential benefit, the latent power of the website begins to go up exponentially.

4 and beyond: at this stage new tools would need to be brought to bear so that the collaborative effort can be efficient and not devastatingly inefficient. 

Step four and beyond gets into more granular improvements to the website, that it would be changing almost real time although filtering through James the moderator with the sacred responsibility to advance the vision that he was given, even as, especially as, it becomes collective; that is growing through this collaboration and is the vision of all of us but it will never not be his sacred responsibility to be the final moderator, as long as he has the capacity. He understands this as a sacred trust and crushing responsibility, sacred responsibility, joyful responsibility, that he was given. 

At this point and beyond something beyond signal, or messages, or messenger group would be required technologically. There might be better tools than the online version of Microsoft word that allows for detailed collaboration, but it certainly exemplifies what would be needed. Each collaborator at that point can go in even at the level of word smithing, recommend changes, additions, deletions etc, those are then visible recommendations within the text to everyone, and then can be accepted or rejected and or commented on by those in the group. 

Point being coordination real time is maintained, communication real time is maintained. With that the loss of time, the inefficiency is devastating.

Yes, James has been used at the catalyst, the moderator, in this process throughout the years on a national and international basis, and miracles have come from it, but not in this domain of resurrecting human souls, which is infinitely more important.