Admin: Site disciplines and guidelines

Regarding the processes guiding the site curators.

A. This is not, not, not likely to be a web page on the final site. Currently the site is being used as a warehouse for all the ingredients of phase 2 under the leadership of Dave to streamline it. But rather than in phase One having file folders different places on the web and lost in communications we're using this as a warehouse right now. Bear with us.

B. The following is much better formatted at this Google docs in the sky. Please advise any technical difficulties in Accessing it.  It is highly recommended to use this link because the formatting is so much better for it it just wouldn't cut and paste the formatting, and rather than waste time..

Please use the link above. Please give us your comments. Hurry with your very top level comments on the site now. In a week when we have it in better shape, please come back, spend a lot more time, drill down deeper, and give us your input. Desperately important.