Jesianity: Christianity, Jesianity: compare and contrast

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The purpose of this page is to help the prospective Jesian, disciple of Jesus, recognize themselves here, or not. Time, life, is a horrible thing to waste. A sin.

Jesus example and teachingJesiansChristiansChristianity
Jesus, Divine leader, EQ IQ, man not godynNooo! Blood sacrifice!
There is no sentient sky godynNooooo!
There is eternal Heaven and Hell, on earth, in this lifeynNooooo!
Jesus showed us how to save ourselves from hell, return ourselves to heaven within us.ynNooooo!
the spirit is life, the flesh means nothing.yneternal sky condo
whoever would hold on to their life shall lose it. whoever would lose their life shall gain itynmaterial earthly and internal heaven streets of gold
whoever would blaspheme against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven.ynrelegation of Holy Spirit to something external
God is spirit and must be worshiped in spirit and in truthynmaterial sky God
call no man your teacher accept me, jesus.ynJesus with barely a speaking part drowned out by thousands
why do you call me Lord when you do not do the things that I say?ynthe Bible is in violent, except everything Jesus said.
if you love me you will keep my words.ynJesus words irrelevant
the father and I will come and make our abode with you.ynridiculous
unless you become like a little child you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.ynChristian adulthood nullifies all Jesus teachings. no child could do so.
love your enemy.ynslavery, extermination of native Americans, apartheid support, exterminating Palestinians...
lives by the sword die by the swordynperpetual war. Christian America war budget 10 times the next country
do good to those who persecute you.ynIraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, philapines, South America
our food is to do the will of the father.ynworship Mammon
hypocrites, actors, pretense, going through the motions.ynfinancial club
neglecting Mercyyncrumb throwers
the Good Samaritanynnever
servant of allynexploiters
ministering to allynclub membership
sell all that thou hast and give to the poor and thou shall have treasure in heavenynridiculous
what should you give an exchange for your soul?ynnothing
do you want to others all things whatsoever you would have them do unto youynnever
as you do unto the least of these you do unto meynnever
they will know you by how you love your enemyynirrelevant
do good to those who persecute you.ynnever
disbelief in a hell of eternal tormentynnever
belief in the Kingdom of Heaven within usynirrelevant
disinterest in any life after this oneynnever
disdain for material wealth in this life or a next one.ynnope
as you do unto the least of these you do unto meynhuh?
joyful abundant Lifeynhuh?


  1. Good way to lay it out

    1. Glad I am that you find this analysis useful. What I share is that which was first helpful to me.


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