Soul strengthening: Disciples of the soul, of Jesus, don't flock. And they never feel alone.

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 The father never leaves me because I always do what pleases him. Jesus.

Same with we disciples my application of our every breath. We are animated entirely by our soul, our holy spirit, and our soul, and our Holy Spirit only knows, only experiences, unity, with all of creation, with every soul in all of creation. Nothing is less alone than that. Nothing feels less alone than that.

We are physically alone, like Jesus before us. We may have others around us, we are devoted to helping, to serving the souls, of those around us, and it is the infinitely joyful life.

But does the elite trauma team coming upon a massive crash site, do they flock? They disperse except when absolutely necessary to work together. Mostly they disperse. Because that's what the service demands. That's what the casualties need. And we live to try and heal the casualties that can be healed.

Few are more physically alone than we. Few if any feel less alone than we.

It is heaven.