Soul strengthening: How do you know it's your Holy Spirit?

What Jesian, disciple James, has learned so far:

  • When for your whole life you've been taught wrong, including that your holy spirit is something outside of you and kind of spooky, it's really difficult.
  • I suspect that the rare individual that is brought up with the truth, it would be harder to not recognize their Holy Spirit than otherwise. 
  • The Holy Spirit is the unsympathetic taskmaster. This is wonderful. It is all about service, all it knows is serving, lifting the spirit that's holy out of the prison of Flesh head, using your body and mind as the instrument. Creator's instrument. What could be more joyful life? Nothing.
  • It is not of this world. It exists to serve the world, but it is not of the world. What could the soul, the holy spirit, care less about clothing, food, even whether it exists in the next breath? That's not a concern of the soul, of the Holy spirit.
  • The business of the holy spirit is doing creators will.
  • If you feel like the spirit is in charge, there's a good chance that's your holy spirit. If you feel like you are in charge, and all likelihood that's your flesh/head spirits.
  • If you are obsessed with controlling the outcomes, that's not your holy spirit. The Holy Spirit knows that it has control of nothing except your attempt. And it's totally satisfied with that.
  • If the spirit in charge at the moment is reckless with your body, with your life? That's not the holy spirit. The holy spirit is not here to serve your body, but it is here to use it reasonably for as long as possible.
  • If your spirit in charge is concerned with the reactions of others, pleaseing others, achieving this or that with others, that's not your holy spirit. It knows that it's not in charge. What it is concerned with is what you attempt. That's it.
  • When over a lifetime it has become habitual for the flash head spirits to be in charge, it can be maddeningly difficult to not get lost in them and to find your way out. Says this 73-year-old disciple of jesus. Smh. And james, the one writing here, is willing to find out that it can't be managed, or that it doesn't matter. But all indications so far is that it is absolutely a matter of skill and practice and learning, and for the joyful life of it he is devoted to mastering it.
  • To be continued. Input needed, on this post and all posts.