Soul strengthening: Jesus saved Martin Luther King Jr's soul.

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The short story, easily verified:

The young Martin Luther King jr, upon contemplating a career, rejected following his father into the pulpit, a life of promoting christianity. He went to Boston University as I recall, seems to me he was planning to become a lawyer.

But there he encountered a different Christianity than he had ever seen, and different than the Christianity it is likely that you have ever seen. The writings of the so-called Social Gospel of the time, that since, the US government has eradicated, the Social Gospel in the writings of Walter rauschenbush. Christianity and the social crisis.

And in that Martin Luther King Jr saw a Jesus that he wanted to give his life following. And he became a disciple.

And this was Amplified when he encountered the writings of Leo tolstoy, particularly, the law of love and the law of violence, at Crozer seminary.

Now, you may not agree that his soul was saved. You may not agree that he entered the joyful life, the Kingdom of Heaven within him at that time and lived it out until we killed him. You are welcome to disagree.

We have this site see it differently. We see a life in Martin Luther King jr, an excruciating intensity of Joyful life, that we Aspire to, and we are achieving as devoted Disciples of the man Jesus in the canonical gospels, that we call, Jesianity.