Soul strengthening: Jesus saved the soul of Leo Tolstoy..


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Easily verified story, see the writings his last 45 years, the introduction of virtually all of his books describes this:

The novels for which he had Global acclaim, war and peace, Anna Karenina, Tolstoy found life so intolerable that he was committed to ending his life by suicide. In the final moment something caught his attention, the quality of life that he saw among the serfs, the Christian serfs, on his palatial estate.

Though he despised christianity, he couldn't deny the quality of life that he saw in these surfs.

In his late 40s, he took his enormous intellect and applied them to the original Greek Gospels and did his own translation. And through that process he found a way of being, that all of a sudden made his life worth living.

And he spent the rest of his life writing about what he had found. And through those writings he provided a view of Jesus that saved the life of Martin Luther King Jr, and saved the soul of a man we know as gandhi. And encourage Thoreau and countless others.

By the way, Christianity despised Leo tolstoy, and excommunicated him. Pretty much what you'd expect. They would do the same to the man Jesus. They have done to the man Jesus.