Jesianity: The man Jesus belongs to no religion. He came to serve Every Soul.

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In the time of jesus, the jews, Jesus was a jew, the Jews hated the samaritans. And yet Jesus held up as the Pinnacle Godly saved human, exactly a Samaritan.

Jesus, like einstein, is the property of no religion, sect, nation, group. Nor is air, or breathing, or eating, or eye sight or medicine.

Jesus is a teacher, and a leader to return to the Primacy of our soul, our mammalian brain, our limbic system, our holy spirit, in charge of our lives every breath, as with every other mammal.

The Flesh head spirits can pay lip service to the golden rule, the centerpiece of every major religion, do unto others all things whatsoever you would have them do unto you. 

The flesh head Spirits can pay lip service to that. They can never do mean it, embody it, except as a pretence, except as an act, hypocrisy. They are neurologically incapable of embodying it and living it out for itself.

The soul is incapable of doing anything other than being the embodiment.

Therefore, the teachings and example of the man Jesus, Jesianity, Be your Holy Spirit, Be your Soul, belongs to no one, and everyone. 

He lived and died for the human soul, and probably for the soul of everything in creation.

His Jesianity is the leaven for all of us, to call cause our souls to rise, in whatever religion we were born to, have adopted, or none.

Jesus, his Jesianity, has no religion. What it has is family with all alive souls of creation. That's it. 

And so it is with those devoting themselves as his disciples applying every breath.