Soul strengthening: The soul is everything, determined to know all facets of everything.

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The flesh head spirits categorize. They reduce things to categories.

The soul considers understanding, that which encompasses all facets of a thing, not man-made categories, creation made wholes.

Jesus understood himself as the son of creator, the child of creator, and each of us as children of Creator by birth. The Holy Spirit within all of us. Within each of us.

What soul, what holy spirit, is satisfied with pitiful man-made categories?

The soul is of the infinite, and is satisfied with nothing less than the infinite, complete knowledge of what is in front of it.

Jesus' Jesianity, as outlined in this website, seeks not to present comfortable need familiar categories that the flash had Spirits want to see. Jesus' Jesianity is not for the head and flesh, it is for the soul.

And this site, Jesus site, seeks to put forth many of the important facets of the truth of Jesus way of being that he lived and died to share with us, that he lived and died to get us to return to. The being of every mammal except we humans they have destroyed nearly all possibility of returning to the kingdom of heaven Within us.

The world of the soul is like a mosaic world. The flesh head spirits amuse themselves with one piece of a mosaic or another. The soul is absorbed and energized and enlightened, and informed and gains understanding from all of the elements of the mosaic.