Soul strengthening: To understand Jesus you have to root out the Christian lens.

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If someone wants to understand you, should they ask you? Or should they ask someone else?

It's probably easier if they ask someone else, less confrontational, easier. But can they know you that way?

If you go to Amazon and look up Einstein's theory of relativity dozens of offerings come up.

But if you want to understand Einstein at the atomic level, the level of engrams, get into his head, get into his soul, you need to read Einstein's writings.

To understand Jesus is a thousand times, 10,000 times more difficult. Why? Because you've been wired, in all likelihood, you've been wired since birth not with Jesus writings teachings and example, but with the churches writings teachings and example. So you've got a hardwired lens, your nervous system has been changed by all this, and if you want to see Jesus you have to get past that hard wiring. It can be done. It's worth the effort. We've done it. 

The only exquisitely joyful life is on the other side. 

Only one is your teacher, me. Jesus. People will come preaching in my name, do not follow them. Jesus

Do it.