Soul strengthening: We are dying for joy. Look around you. We are dying for joy.

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Overdose deaths. Suicide rates. Opiates, mood enhancing drugs. Mindless media. Endless media for a grotesque spectacle entertainment.

We are trying to make a healthy diet out of cotton candy, out of sand, out of dirt.

Mammals are not designed for such a diet. We are mammals. You are a mammal.

Through some hideous mistake our overdeveloped cerebral cortex hooks up with the flesh in such a way that it creates the spirits of head and flesh that hijack are holy spirit, that of the soul, and turn us into slaves to the spirits of our head and flesh and it's killing us. It's killing our children, it's killing our neighbors, it has destroyed our joy.

It is neurophysiologically impossible for us to be stable satisfied sane creatures enslaved to the spirits of our head and flesh and the pleasures and comfort and safety and intoxications that they drive us toward. It's not possible.

What the mammal is designed to feed on, and to be sustained by his joy, devoting itself to the well-being of the collective, including the collective of the environment, being one with that.

Jesus was that, consummate health, more than anyone in human history. So if you, if we, want the exquisitely joyful life that can sustain us, he is the north star, he is the seed crystal, that is there for us to develop around.