Soul strengthening: You can't understand Jesus, or Jesianity, or you soul, in your own terms.

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You can't understand Einstein in your own terms. You can't understand Abraham maslow, or Alfred adler, in your own terms. You can't understand Buddha in your own terms. You can't understand Jesus, in your own terms.

People like these are worth understanding exactly because their vision is profoundly different than ours, a Quantum Leap ahead. We can't understand them in our own terms. We must understand them in their own terms if we are to understand them, and that takes an enormous amount of effort. Less effort than it took them to achieve that new vision, but massive effort.

You can understand the Christian Jesus in your own terms because that's what it's designed to be. But that's not the Jesus of the canonical gospels.

If you're going to understand people like these, you literally have to work so hard and so long that you build new neural pathways, make new connections, your brain changes.

You decide if it's worth it. But don't kid yourself.

We of this site, Disciples of Jesus, have decided it's worth it, we've changed ourselves by immersing ourselves in his vision, not ours. And it has given us the Kingdom of Heaven within us, the joyful Abundant Life that he promised.