Jesianity: Strategy and tactics and the functional considerations ofof waging the fight to resurrect the human soul. Editorial.

- Being of the holy spirit, your holy spirit, the spirit in you that is holy, every breath. Anything else, everything else, in the realm of strategy and tactics, your behavior in trying to save your own soul let alone anyone else, depends upon this 1000%. With your soul in charge of your every breath, miracles are possible, without it, only evil can be done. 

-Do no harm. And with the holy Spirit, your holy spirit, the spirit in you that is holy, possessing you, it is our belief that for a host of reasons only good can come from that.

- The only thing you can control in your life is which spirit is in charge of you. In any particular breath the spirit that is in charge of you, your holy spirit, or the spirits of your head and flesh, they will control what you do, who you are, what you say. And therefore the only thing you can do to help another individual is to be in your holy Spirit when you're in front of them, setting up the possibility of a recognition response which can empower and evoke their holy Spirit to come to the fore. This is 99.99% of our opportunity.

- All of Jesus nonviolent dictums, turning the other cheek, etc.

- Respect.

- Making the interchange visual, keeping your key mechanism as visual, as vision is the activator of the soul. And it empowers the soul. When vision is disempowered, so is the soul. And thereby empowered are the deadly, evil, destructive, selfish spirits of head and flesh.

Strategic note, the head and flesh are sacred indispensable tools of the soul. The problem is when power is carelessly lost from the soul and it then instantly moves to the spirits of the head and flesh and they hijack the whole system for consummate evil. That's the only thing they know how to to do. They're not to be blamed. We are to be blamed for letting them become empowered.

- The strategic imperative, 95% of the job and opportunity, the mission, of the advanced trauma team for the soul members: just as in medical terms, if an otherwise able patient has there stopped heart restarted, all of the other functions of the patient become operative. Exactly in that way if the soul, the limbic system, and it's holy spirit, can be empowered to take control of the individual, all of the functions of that individual are now near certainly optimized in their capacities and their focus. 

- But even more extraordinarily important, what the soul cares about is very simple and very comprehensive. It cares about the health of other souls. The empowered soul is brilliant, it is the seat of all divine capacities, and when brought online it makes of the individual the joyful servant of the task of bringing new souls back online....recruiting people to the same frantic joyful battle that Jesus recruited people for and devoted his life, the rescue of souls from the captivity of their Spirits of head and flesh. what he obviously unmistakably lived as the life and death battle worthy of our lives, for the individual and collective joyful life of it.

- The soul attempts to bridge another person to soul, and never gets in between the soul and creator. And often like Jesus attempts to destroy such spirit obstacles: religious dogma, cultural dogma, the most notable examples.

- Our spirits of the head and flesh are not us. They are foreigners. They are aliens. They are cruel mistakes of evolution not found in any other mammals, any other species. They are Satan itself. They are dumb beasts, they don't know what they do. 

But our head and soul in partnership must know what they do and be ever vigilant that they not be allowed to have energy and power. All energy every breath must be kept to the soul. 

- We are not to grow up. We are to grow out, and to grow down toward creation, the universal soul. Growing up is to grow away from our soul into the spirits of our head and flesh which is what our psychopathic culture does to their children. Note from james: I think I just for the first time understood my inability to have culture and the school system force me to grow up.

- Vision is a direct chanel to the soul, to the holy spirit, past the sentries, prison guards, that are the head and flesh spirits. Jesus said, the light of the soul is the eye. Paraphrase.

- The soul is absolute integrity. It never tries to get anyone to do anything, ever. No dual agenda. No multiple motives. Though it is profoundly wise and might see multiple benefits from being one and only one thing that is needed by the situation.

- Organic. Provide the right conditions for the soul to regain control of the head and flesh, throwing off there by, casting out, the spirits of head and flesh by returning the energy that was mistakenly allowed to them, back to the necessary owner, your holy spirit.

- Humble, meek and lowly, not as a device, as a way of being. Jesus said, I am meek and lowly of heart. Was he joking? Was he deceiving? Was he manipulating?

- an instinctive dictum of the soul in charge is to do no harm, but to have the courage in a world of uncertainty and 99 plus percent Carnage of souls, to avoid cowardly inaction, rather to act boldly, in the service of souls.

- non-violence properly understood is the sacrificing, paying the price with, ones body for the salvation of other souls, and one's own.

- Respect, is another word for loving. There is no stronger tool than that at the disposal of the soul.

- Application of respectful attention establishes broadband connection between souls. Even instantaneous withdrawal of respectful attention shuts the whole system down.

- the recognition response. Something first recognized by the great psychologist Alfred adler. And in the case of the soul cultivating health of another soul, everything is possible with the soul possessing the one trying to help, and thereby creating the conditions for a potential recognition response on the other soul, most likely prisoner of their head and flesh spirits.

- The soul, the holy spirit, is an angel. Is it not? An angel of god?