Soul strengthening: Always speak from your soul. Never address the head.

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Update. See below: Wow.

My soul will not let me ignore important failures. Thank goodness. It ain't comfortable, but it's wonderful.

Three of the four encounters I reported on yesterday in a post, were failures. They did little besides strengthen the head and flesh in the individual and the spirits thereof. Exactly the opposite of what is needed of me and for others.

Moments ago my soul said, james, this is probably the answer. Don't address yourself to people's head, let alone their flesh. Just don't do it. Maybe you've been taught that's rude, james. Don't do it unless you want to hurt the individual. Don't do it.

James, it goes on, will it take you a while to learn how to do this, let alone Master it? Yes. Are you clueless about this james? No. I've been learning.

James du sol, thank you. Thank you. Feeling a bit less clueless here. Let's get on with it. For the joyful life of it, the collective joyful life of it. 

Ps. Oh wow. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Acid test, and James was at least a green belt in the realm of spiritual jiu jitsu. Maybe even bordering on Brown belt. To the benefit of the soul in front of him.

Coming out of the hardware store buying some parts, there was a man about my age, taking a photo of the vehicle and from the soul with great warmth I said hello! It was a worthwhile exchange and his soul was not protected, nothing by me had triggered his Shields going up. 

Upon departing he said not impolitely, you might want to look at your Bible a little bit more, the Palestinians did not own that land initially. It did not drive me into my head, to the which would have been to the disservice of us both. 

Because of yesterday's lessons learned somewhat this morning, my soul is where I continued to reside and speak from. 

The impact of that? Had he sensed me shifting to my head it would have strengthened his head and the shields would have gone up impenetrably. That didn't happen. 

Did I seek agreement in what I then shared? I never seek agreement, that's never for me to do. That's to interfere with a person in their soul. 

I did say, 

Jesus came to fulfill, not to be a continuation of the old testament way of being, that of the scribes and Pharisees. 

As you do unto the least of these you do unto me. 

Jesus would never be doing to the Palestinians what today's Christians are. 

It was Christians that did the holocaust, Germany was 90 percent christian. 

It was Christians that exterminated the native americans....

I'm surprised by his reaction. None. No defensive comments. No apparent defensiveness on the part of his internal life that I could detect. 

Did he hear what I said? It definitely went through his ears. It was not blocked from going in. That's a major advance. Where will it go from there? It could go someplace as opposed to if it had all been blocked.

Wow James, you are learning? You are growing, I hear my trainer Jesus saying.