Soul strengthening: If you are not crazy, you are not of the holy spirit, and you are of no hope, already dead.

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In this culture where by the age of four our soul is crushed and buried under rubble of head flesh spirits, a world so crazy, so lost, if you do not experience yourself as crazy, if your head and flesh do not experience you as crazy, you are not of the Soul. Your soul is already dead. But maybe you can bring it back to life. Maybe you can resurrect it from the dead.

But experience yourself as crazy really misstates it.

The soul is aware of how the world views things, and it is aware that in the world's terms it is considered crazy. It certainly knows that it is sane.

But in the one where the soul, the spirit gets holy, is in charge, the head and flesh though not in charge are certainly amused, aware of the what the soul is having the whole system do seems kind of crazy. And wonderful. And wonderful. Joyful abundant life.