Soul strengthening: Our masters, ourspirits and their underlying Anatomy

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The underlying anatomy and their associated spirits:

1. Head/flesh: cerebral cortex and hypothalamus respectively.

Spirits associated with: Comfort, safety, pleasure, happiness, satiation, sexual gratification, well, power over others, the esteem of others, mental accomplishments, man-made stuff both creating it and consuming it...

Head flesh Spirits in charge give the illusion of i, me, me and charge. When in fact, if you pause and consider it, it is the opposite, it is slavery to the spirits of head and flesh. You're only choice is whether to let them in charge or to invoke your spirit that's holy. Which displaces them. Disempowers them. And they go peacefully.

2. Soul: the limbic system, the mammalian brain.

By whatever name, the spirit that is holy, that is perpetually joyful in its singular pursuit of helping advance the health and joy of all life around it.

You can imagine you're a dolphin, correct? Do it. That's the mammalian brain. Wonder, all, connection, participation in everything.

And the soul, the spirit that's holy, has no conception of i, or me. Not really. It's we, it's us. And any reflection on I or me is an awareness that we are being carried along willingly by our taskmaster soul.