Soul strengthening: We've been taught to run in terror from our holy spirit. The heaven within us.

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Scrooge was taught in ways direct and indirect to detest the holy spirit in himself and others. It is the nearly inescapable lesson of our culture. Look around you, at everything, the values are culture teaches the advertisements, the temptations, the inducements. Directly and indirectly they teach us that the holy spirit is disgusting. Yes, christianity, the holy spirit is something outside of you, some mystical thing, what you really want to do is just profess Jesus as your lord and savior and you'll get a condo with golden streets in the sky. The holy Spirit within you is nothing, ignore it, put your money in the plate, let the clergy tell you what to do or worse, and on you go.

The individual that wound up helping me today, despite what they thought was possible, is the dearest person on Earth to me. And in this video call I gained an insight that had been escaping me all the years of our relationship. Life early on, taught this individual to be terrified of their holy spirit. Terrified. Terrified when they saw it in me, totally unknown, totally a threat they had been talked to view it as, and when someone sees the holy spirit in someone else, it starts to invoke it in them, and it was absolute Stark terror for this individual. No greater cruelty can be done and there are few children that escape it. And all virtually all indigenous children escaped it. They were never brutally exiled from their mammalian soul.


To be continued, number three....