Soul strengthening: Why do sheroes choose to be sheroes? Think about it.

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'But james, look at the cost! People of the holy Spirit it cost them everything material! Paraphrase with great liberties taken, with good intent, from our brief dialogue today on a video call.'

Yes. It does. It absolutely rips one away from everything that our society says is life. But look at the people here. Try and look at them with your soul, through your eyes, free your eyes, which tend to keep the chatter from the head, which is the chatter that culture has told us to have, look at the people here with your eyes, let them enter.

There are dozens of people at this site and they site pointed to. Many or most, their lives, terrify the spirits of our head and flesh.

But look at them. Find the courage, look at them! Are there lives, the quality of their life, is the quality of their life to be dreaded, or envied!?!?

Are they insane? They could make different choices they could choose different life paths. Why don't they? Why do they stay the course even if it leads to their physical death?

With each of them there's only one answer. Look at them. There's only one answer. They want to. They see something, a quality of life, in this life, that however short or however long it may be, they want that quality of life for themselves, and for anyone else they can influence, more than they want a long painless physical life.

Think about it. For God's sake think about it.

Think about it. For the sake of everyone you care about, for God's sake, think about it!

Note: thanks to the person that knew, genuinely knew, I'm not belittling them, knew that they couldn't help with the website, this will be an entirely new page on the website. Making it much more valuable to the next person that looks at it.