Soul strengthening: Why our souls die

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This is from a painting entitled, America's dead souls.

Jesus said, fear not that which can destroy the body and not the soul. Fear that which can destroy the soul and the body. Paraphrase

Maybe he meant an all powerful creator doing so as some sort of punishment. That's what Christians would have you think.

But that makes no sense in light of Jesus spirit, example, and instructions.

That which kills the soul is spirits of head and flesh, those outside us that invoke those inside us to kill our own soul.

No such mass murder of the Soul occurred, or occurs, in indigenous cultures. Cultures that have not yet been perverted to think that creation is at their own hands, rather than that into which they were naturally born. Separating them from creation, separating them from being co-creators, to being a form of deadly, life terminating cancer.

This is not what our DNA, nor are mammalian brain, our soul, our limbic system, was designed to do. Nor was it designed to exist in the human-made world that we have destructed.

By the time a child is in their late teens many times the nerve elements in the brain have cease to exist. It's a sculpting, a winnowing process. What the culture, what the environment rewards is strong and remains. What the culture and environment punishes or ignores atrophes and is sloughed off.

Complex cultures are cultures of the flesh-head spirits in charge. The drivers are comfort, safety, conformity, stuff, wealth, popularity.

People of complex cultures live in fear and terror of the mammalian brain, the soul. Because they have made of themselves and their children slaves of the flesh head spirits, those same Spirits know that the soul is unknowable by them, therefore to be feared, and the truth is that if the soul regains primacy those spirits end. What they don't know, what they can never know, is that they have a blissful peace when that happens.