Soul strengthening: Why are jesus, and dolphin, more joyful than anyone you know?

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Think of the most enviable person you know. Who has a better quality of life, a dolphin or that person?

Who had a more enviable quality of life, a dolphin, or the man Jesus? The same, right?

The dolphin doesn't have a choice to leave the Kingdom of Heaven within you, their soul, their mammalian brain. They're only option is to live from there. And who in their right mind would choose anything else?

Jesus discovered that he had that choice, and he chose the Kingdom of Heaven within him, to leave the slavery to the spirits of his head and flesh, and return to the kingdom of infinite joyful life.

And he just hit there, correct? Yeah, that's not what the holy Spirit does, that's not what the soul does, that's not what the mammalian brain does. 

The mammalian brain does not know how to separate itself from any other part of creation, especially it's on species. Like every healthy bit of tissue and any living organism, it exists solely for the joyful life of contributing to the collective joyful life of the whole.

Except we humans. We have the ability to become like cancer, the soul does not have that ability, but the spirits of our head and flesh, and evolutionary tragedy, that's all they know is to become cancer. It's a miserable life, but they don't know any better, and then it destroys the body.