Jesianity: The non-dead are these, and those like them.

The non-dead are these, and those like them. 

They are walking, talking, living, breathing, humanity. Humanity on fire.

The question is, do you want to be among these, Jesus spiritual kin? For the optimal joyful life of it?

Do you see in them the joyful abundant life that Jesus lived and promised? If you look from your soul, the answer is yes. If you look from the spirits of your flesh and head, the answer is no.

What do you choose for yourself? What do you choose for those that you influence?

Dozens and dozens of Jesus spiritual kin, his spiritual family which he would say are saved, from every religion, every background, every part of the world, here on this site: 

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And these here:

Why do you call me good? Only my father is good. Jesus

My mother and sister and brother are those that do the will of the father. Jesus

The Good Shepherd lays down their life for the sheep. Jesus

Jesus spiritual descendants. Look at them. Look at them. Look at them.  Look at them. He lives. Jesus spirit lives, in them, whether they know of, we're taught by, or it's inspired by Jesus is irrelevant. They have the same parent, their soul, their limbic system, their holy spirit. Look at them. Do you see it?. 

They live from the kingdom of heaven within them. They serve from the kingdom of heaven within them. There's no other way they could do what they do, day after day, paying and offering every price a human can offer and pay. Breathtaking. You too can return there. Search their names. Do little research if you don't know who they are and what they do. If you want the excruciating Joy that Jesus had, study these people.

❤. I have been possessed by the spirit of these people. And just this moment I understood why. They are his spiritual descendants. His spirit lives. The Palestinians, and the Jews fighting for them, here in the United states, and in Israel. They make my heart, my soul, explode in awe.

Breaking the silence

If not now

Jews against house demolition

Jews for the Palestinian right of return

Miko Peled, the Israeli general's son