Soul strengthening: Words matter. Word matters.


This is an extremely important catch-all section for the foreseeable future. Much of the following would better be integrated throughout the site, but for now, it is vitally important.

Jesianity: the Spirit, example, and teachings of the man Jesus in the four canonical gospels. This is the entirety of what is sacred to Jesianity. What is not sacred, but is profoundly useful, is what is found elsewhere on this site, understandings, methods, leveraging of, developments these last 2,000 years that amplify and augment the 1010 teachings and example of the canonical gospels.

Jesian: One unmistakenly devoted every breath to discipleship to Jesus' spirit, soul, example and teachings.    For their individual, and for the collective Joyful Life of it. 

We. Our: frequently this curator will use the words we, our, to signify that it is the soul and head communicating. Distinguishing from the word I which would more likely indicate carelessly that it is the spirits of hand and flesh that are communicating. It is not deemed possible to be pure in this nor necessary. Please take heed.

Holy spirit. Rarely if ever will those two words be used in that way on this site. Why? Because Christianity has rendered them deadly. Among almost all that would use or hear those words it is some thing that is outside of them descending down from some dwelling in the sky that Jesus never contemplated. What will be used frequently is your spirit that is holy, your holy Spirit, my holy spirit. 

If you consider the question: do you not experience quite a large variety of spirits within you at various times? Is not one of them one what you would consider holy? This is what is being referenced.

Soul. Jesus said, what does it profit a person if they gain the whole world and lose their own soul? Or what would a person pay for their soul? He said, the spirit is life, the flesh means nothing. 

21st century neuroscience has ascertained that the tissue between the reptile brain, the hypothalamus, and what is horribly considered the human brain, the cerebral cortex, the tissue in between, Long known as the limbic system, is not inert. It is now understood to be the mammalian brain. And the curator of this site understands it to be the seat of the soul. See the book, spiritual evolution, by Harvard psychologist George vallient.

Be Jesus way. Christianity like many others, is a religion. Islam is a way of life. Jesus offered us a way of being, infinitely joyful life every breath.

Mistressism, religious words: Words that may seem mystical or religious are never used in that way on this site. Up until recently and even now among most of us, we can't explain the word gravity. But we feel it, it is real to us, it is tactile. As it is with every such word on this site. God, creator, spirit, soul, spirits of head and flesh etc....

The Kingdom of heaven within you, within us: God's kingdom is not up in the sky. God is not up in the sky. God is the great spirit which is the accumulation of the soul in each element on earth that is of creation, not man-made. 

James here shall henceforth avoid pointing up into the sky, ever, to where creator, god, the holy Spirit is not! Such a useful trick of Christianity to divorce us from the kingdom of heaven within us, teaching us to point up in the sky away from us, rather than to the soul in ourselves and in every individual element of creation. So cruel. So horrible. Unspeakably destructive.

Creator, the great holy spirit, the collective holy spirit, Mother, Father: Spirit recognizes itself in the soul of every element that is part of creation, nothing is more, nothing is less. it is all the same, all at the same level, all even.

The head and flesh, as distinct from the spirits of head and flesh: My head and my flesh are sacred parts of me, invaluable, completely necessary appendages of the soul, the holy Spirit within me. Life, let alone a life joyfully lived serving the dictates of your soul, would be impossible without them.

God, the father, Heaven, where is it, what is it: Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is within you. If this is so, then that is where God is, that is where creator is. It is your soul. It is your holy Spirit. And god, the father, is the collection of all the souls, all the holy spirit, in all of creation. Yes, that is editorial, that is taking great licensing liberty. You the reader must decide whether there is a more useful way of understanding things, and if so, please let us know.

Joyful warriors for the soul. An advanced medical trauma team devoted to Mass horrific casualty situations, specifically the mass Carnage of human souls, victims of our insane cultures: The purpose of life, which is our soul, our holy Spirit, is to nurture, cultivate and protect the holy Spirit in every element of creation. That means being a warrior soul of infinite courage to protect and liberate and resurrect one's own soul first, and then the soul of others, from the carnage, the brutality, the cruelty, of the spirits of head and flesh in all of us. The Kingdom of heaven is within us, and also the sacred battlefield for it.

Warriors for, doctors of, traumatized souls, the central function of: the battle is to redirect all energy back to the soul, the kingdom of heaven, creators Kingdom within us, that is robbed by our insanity by our spirits of head and flesh that must never be allowed any. And cutting power to them, that's a mercy to them, they are pure misery tho they provide the illusion of happiness, comfort, safety, pleasure, intoxication.... They are hell, the only hell. And death to all of creation.

Prayer: and invaluable neurological practice to strengthen, to exercise, what gets used grows, to ingrain the sole in charge thereby depriving the head and flesh of the energy that makes their spirits come online becoming autonomous and evil itself, relegating the soul, the holy spirit, to a deep dungeon. Neurologically they can't do anything other than what they do. They only know how to consume and destroy. It's not their fault, it's how they are. Just as the ears can't become the nose, the eyes can't become the tongue.

Keeping the Sabbath: an indispensable necessity for the beginner and for the advanced medical trauma team member fighting for the life of souls starting with their own. An entire day approximately once a week that serves the function, devotion to the soul, the spirit that is holy, largely in solitude, that learnings of the prior week can be consolidated by the soul in silence and solitude, that new learnings, epiphanies, visions, understanding, have room to emerge, that the soul and the body are rested for the arduous work ahead in the next week.

God, properly understood, is the collective soul of every animate and inanimate element of creation, excluding anything and everything created by the human spirits of head and flesh, that are the entirety of that which is Satan.

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