Jesianity: I believe Jesus is the son of god, I just don't believe what he has to say.


It seems that Jesus understood, and told us over and over and over, that it would be nearly impossible to understand him. That we needed to take extraordinary care to do so. 

Jesus said, as reported in the canonical Gospels:

  1. Take heed how ye understand. To the one that understands more will be given, to the one that has little what they have will be taken away.
  2. They will neither see nor hear for fear they will be converted and have to change their hearts.
  3. Jesus said, no one can follow me unless it is granted by my father. From that time many went back, and followed him no more.
  4. He went to the city to perform great works but he marveled at their disbelief so he healed a few and then went into the neighboring towns.
  5. He said to his disciples shortly before we murdered him, how much longer must I be among you, you perverse and adulterous generation? To the disciples.
  6. Unless you become like a little child you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.
  7. Many will come in my name. Do not go after them.
  8. Jesus, we healed in your name, we prophesied in your name, we worked miracles in your name. Jesus said, be gone for me, I do not know you.
And if you're understanding doesn't profoundly transform your heart, your life, your every breath, the way you see life, the way you see the world, you don't understand Jesus.

And by implication he was saying, if you hear what I say, and you easily understand it, you don't understand what I'm saying.

Vaguely in my memory, when I was exposed to the photograph above many decades ago, I can remember several of us almost coming to blows over it. It's a picture of a young woman, what are you talking about? It's a picture of an old woman, what are you talking about!!

We can go on ignoring Jesus words, satisfying ourselves instead that our own casual imagining of him is the real man.

We can go on ignoring jesus, and letting our imagination tell us what he really meant, or the pastor or preacher or televangelist or guru or whatever, telling us.

But Jesianity, Jesus teachings and example, says no. Take heed how ye understand. Take the words I give you and work with them until you understand, and then you understand more, and then you understand more.. of my words. Not your imagining. Of my words.

Not one in 100 million have done so. Not one in 100 million will do so. 

But this site, is for that one in 100 million.

And that one in 100 million will have the joyful abundant Life that he offers, and May help lead another Soul or two to the same.

Additional thoughts:

I don't know that I've ever met another soul that believes Jesus gave us the complete and necessary and sufficient answer to living in the Kingdom of Heaven within us every breath in this life. Is there another, beside Jesian James, the disciple writing here? Maybe Mark. 

Jesus said, why do you call me Lord when you do not do the things that I say? 

Jesus did not say, why do you call me Lord when you have not reduced me to a dumb animal that is a ritual blood sacrifice? Not to mention that I hate animal sacrifices. Jesus.

We have a tendency to equate the strength of knowledge with how voluminous the words and descriptions and attributes are. 

When the opposite is more likely the case as it relates to things of promise to humanity, the potency thereof. The undiluted pure pharmaceutical may be bitter but it is vastly more effective than that which is diluted. 

No place does this pertain more than the teachings and example of the man jesus. Christianity is a multi hundred billion dollar industry based on the dilution and adulteration and replacement and monetization of the pure potent freely given ingredients that Jesus found and tried to share with us.

We are so blind to this, so infinitely blind, that we will argue exactly the opposite. Yes I love jesus! Yes he is the answer! Yes, Jesus is My Lord and savior! See, Paul says so! Christianity says so! The Old testament pointed to him! The Nicene creed, the council of nicea. Luther, Calvin, this televangelist, Even a yogi pointed to him!

Oh, really? Then why do you need all those others? Why do you even mention all those others? Why are all those others the only ones that you speak of, and not simply and only  Jesus example and instructions in the canonical gospels? 

They literally are sooooooo deaf they can't even hear the question.

Now, wait a minute james. Most of the website that has issued through you, most of it is not Jesus words. So how is this website, how is what you're doing, different than all the rest? It is not, unless, it truly takes as the foundation, the only thing that sacred, 1010 Instructions. It is like all the rest, unless it truly takes everything beside the 1010 teachings and example, as commentary, as supporting information, not replacing information, not changing information. Supporting information, not necessary, but useful to encourage and bridge people to what is sacred, because it is the distilled absolute truth, the teachings and example of the man Jesus in the canonical gospels. The 1,010.

Ps. Jesus said, why do you call me Lord when you do not do the things that I say? 

Jesus did not say, why do you call me Lord when you have not reduced me to a dumb animal that is a ritual blood sacrifice? Not to mention that I hate animal sacrifices. Jesus.