Soul strengthening: Be home. Show home. The recognition response. Be what a human being was designed to be. That's what we can do.

We're lost. Virtually all of our examples in this culture are wrong. We're desperately trying to copy, to be like, to be the wrong thing.

How can you save a soul? The answer is sort of circular. Save your own, so that maybe someone else can see what their soul was meant to be.

Be your soul. Be your holy spirit. It's heaven.

It's not a solitary pursuit. The purpose of the soul is to reduce the suffering of and increasing of the joy of other souls.

Accept, embrace, that being your Holy Spirit, being your soul in charge, it's what you can do. And do it with your every breath, for the individual and collective joyful life of it.

We might wish there were more we can do. But why? Let's be the mammals we were born to be, for the individual, and the collective joyful life of it. Let's get on with it.

Be your soul. 

Be your Holy Spirit. It's heaven. Jesus, in six words.