Disciple James log: 62 of the Bible books lost me, four of them then saved me.


The essence of what I share when people approach me to ask, and I only share what has emerged as truth within me, is: 

'I think we've got Jesus wrong, and I know I had Jesus wrong. We've reduced him to nothing more than the sacrificial lamb.

We love 62 of the 66 books in the Bible cuz they're wonderful entertainment, they ask nothing of us, and they tell us that by saying a few words we'll get a condo in the sky.

And we say that those 62 books are God's truth, God's inerrant truth, absolutely correct, every jot and tittle.

And if four of the books ever come up in conversation, the four canonical gospels, Jesus moral teachings, and moral example, if they ever come up, all we do is explain that he didn't really mean what he said, the words in those four books don't really mean what they say. Only those four books do we that do that to.

But in my life for certain, Jesus moral words and moral teachings, in four of the 66 books, the 4 gospels, have saved me from the religions, and cultures, of dead joyless selfishness.

And nothing else, and I've tried pretty much everything, has led me to the joyful abundant every breath Life that Jesus had, that he told me, and showed me, he was trying to lead me to.

And, Jesus saw the opportunity to save the world, but we've ignored him too long. The world is not going to be saved. But individual souls can be, from the prevailing joyless agonized life, and that's worth my life, for the joy of it. And maybe yours too.'

Whenever I interact with someone on this, 6 people have approached so far today, what comes out of me is much along the lines of the above. And James who this truth is now embodied in, that james, is at some substantial level reaching almost everyone that approaches. Seeds are actually being planted. This is extraordinary progress. Probably only a 20% hit rate a few months ago, now probably an 80% success rate.

Ps. And almost without fail, this is due to my practice within the last week or so, to invoke my inner child, and therefore I address the inner child from the person in front of me. If indeed the success rate of my interactions has gone up, my ability to plant seeds, it would not have done so without this practice. Iner child, the soul, the mammalian brain in charge, tends to evoke that in others, and nothing else can.