Disciple James log: Be humane. Is this the solution to life?

3/1/24 only the second day, but this is the second day of testing this theory that the secret to life, joyful, peaceful, vital, gratifying, is to be Humane every breath. Totally willing to discover this is a dead end or wrong turn. Willing to discover that it is the holy grail.

That is, that it is a reliable guide, a reliable master, a reliable North star, relatively simple to implement and maintain, relatively self-sustaining versus anything else that I found so far.

Part of this theory, and a test that it must measure up to, is that this must have been what was going on inside the man jesus. It seems that he had a reliable, relatively easy to implement, relatively easy to maintain North star, task-master, father, god. James, the one speaking here, can't understand Jesus as other than that. Unless of course he was just some magic talking doll for an all-powerful all-knowing sentient god. An idea that is ridiculous to me. And something denied by everything Jesus was, said, and did.


Who would be in the kingdom of God beside those that are radically humane?


  1. Yes I agree I think to be humane first and foremost !♥️


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