Disciple James log: the empire umasked. this may be an important inflection point for me.

The empire umasked. This may be an important inflection point for me.

The virtually total evil of global empire with the United States and its citizens at the vanguard, is laid bare with their passionate extermination of the palestinians, well, starting with the palestinians.

I don't know when the rebel alliance started, I don't know when it gained steam, but as it did it added members from among the people that saw the things were beyond desperate.

I think I may hold on to the clarity, I hope I hold on to the clarity, of that mental imagery for my own work.

I do not see this as a physical battle now or ever for myself, and the important battle is not physical. As Jesus said, the flesh means nothing, the spirit is life.

But life is the spirit and my work is delay the complete spiritual slaughter if at all I can play that role.

To increase the likelihood however slight, that humanity, decency, goodness, survives in what minuscule form in the remaining decades while there is still physical life on earth. That's the work. That's the opportunity. Joyful, horrible, that's the truth of it.

Things did not become more dire since yesterday. My clarity as to how dire they are, how desperate, how urgent, has dramatically increased in the last couple of days. The veils have been falling from my eyes.

The opportunity is not to defeat the empire. We're probably 2,000 years too late for that. But to preserve some shred of goodness, it is not too late for that.

IIf only in ourselves, that we might be a light to another.