Disciple James log. Entering the Kingdom of Heaven within you.


The kingdom of heaven will not come through observation, for behold, it is within you. Jesus, slight paraphrase.

BBut how do you enter? How do you access? How did Jesus live there in constant oneness, communion, with our father?

James, the one writing here, has found, and is finding some answers.

In weeks and months past he began learning to discern the difference between his soul being in charge, and his spirits of head and flesh, the former correlating with being in and of the Kingdom of Heaven within. A place of joy and peace.

And this was a big step for james, but sometimes it was difficult, hard to imagine, hard to summon.

In recent days he's come to understand that the summoning of the child within him, is also useful in moving into or toward the Kingdom of Heaven within him.

In recent hours he has realized that the process of praying to god, the father, the spirit that is Holy, the process itself moves him toward and into the kingdom. The process of turning toward creator, toward god, just that. And this is profoundly hopeful because it is much easier to do, quicker to do, something that he can easily and quickly access many times per day almost reflexively. This is a big step forward. Various times and various ways Jesus spoke of how he and our father were one. For example he said, the father never leaves me because I always do what pleases him. How did Jesus always remain in unity, communion, oneness, with our father? I think what I'm discovering about turning to the father in prayer, could be the entire answer for him. And for me.

Given the opportunity james, the one writing here, will continue these experiments and continue reporting out.

Other than posting of it here, in the encounters when people approach the vehicle and james, how will he discuss this? He doesn't know. The goal is to help people move in this direction, and to find ways of doing that that don't move them away.

MMuch on James mind is to see that the material armageddon has already been irrevocably put in motion. In the way that directive 66 or whatever it was called in Star wars, had been programmed into the system, years before it was activated. It was a foregone event. Only the time had not been determined.

It is evident from watching the complete desecration of international law, of all norms of morality, by the United States government in the extermination of palestinians, is that any pretense to law and order and democracy is 100% sham. 100%.

TThat the only reason that Mass slaughter has not been unleashed on the American people is because the American people are more profitable to the powers that be, in their current state of delusion. But only that protects them. There is no international law. There is no moral law in effect protecting anyone. Anywhere. Anymore.

With this in mind James is increasingly aware of two things. 

1. The Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus inhabited and showed us how to access, is at times a place of great joy as discussed throughout this website.

2. But Jesus was a person of divine compassion, the pain of those he knew being crushed by the Roman empire, was his pain. That material Armageddon was not far off, he saw clearly, and it was excruciating for him. And he must have found the Kingdom of Heaven within, God's kingdom within him, was a place that he could live from, facing all that, embracing all that, fighting all that, from a place that it was still bearable, a place of Peace within him. The Kingdom of Heaven within him.

James is finding the same. 

James is also anticipating that when Trump comes into power people like James will pretty quickly be tortured and ground to dust. 

And he is aware that his competence in accessing and living from, fighting from, serving from the kingdom of heaven within him, even in a place of such external excruciation that there will not be much joy, but probably some, and that the pain of the world, in his final breaths is likely to be bearable with a type of peace. And even some joy. Because of what he is learning by following Jesus teachings and example.

And the reason James cares about all that is because if he continues to find that that's true, then it all the more becomes the purpose of his life to maybe alongside jesus, help one or two souls along the way learn how to experience and access and live from the kingdom of heaven within them. Even in the midst of the unfolding armageddon.

Ps. The above was completed 30 minutes ago. Then the white pickup truck came alongside. Movie star handsome jess, a Carpenter locally. We had the most divinely exquisite exchange. So honest with each other. And it turns out to our mutual surprise, very much substantially on the same page.

Several paragraphs above I spoke that although I see a major new importance to the work I do, alongside Jesus leading people to the kingdom of heaven within them: because life will be beyond experiential hell for those that don't know how to live from that Kingdom within them. And that I am concerned about who I can share that with because one cannot learn to inhabit that Kingdom out of fear. Only out of compassion for others. But in this interchange with Jess by the end, I laid it all out for him, he has a small pack of daughters. And I'm quite sure that he was glad for what I was sharing with an eye toward increasing his leadership of those daughters, and their education. Their preparation. If so, that is worth my very life.