Disciple James log: Faith would better translate as vision, I believe.


Jesus was a visionary. Nicola Tesla was a visionary.

They were able to read the world as it was and see the world as it would become, or could become.

Both jesus, and Nicola tesla, did what they could to bring about the world that they saw.

And in the case of jesus, to lead us to avert the ultimate cataclysm that he saw that would otherwise descend. He saw the physics of how the world, including our inner world, works, and that they are inseparable. And that indeed creators will does bend toward justice.

We never followed his vision.

The collective cataclysm is now unavoidable and beginning to unfold unmistakably before our eyes.

Individual salvation from that is entirely possible for every individual who's inner child, soul, holy spirit, still has any life left in it, and for those pitiful survivors generations downstream.

TThe rebirth of their child, through the rebirth and protection of mine and taskmastership of mine, is the joyful life, and it is mine now.