Disciple James log: Flow is the foundation of Jesus great discovery, 2,000 years before the industrial world.

I'm only just seeing this so it's going to take me time to unpack it, but I've been experiencing it, living it, all along in and out in retrospect.

The soul killing industries of gaming including video games run on the concept of flow, that the optimal human experience is being in a highest skill challenge for which one has matching capabilities. The psychologist that discovered the concept in modern Life was mihaly csikszentmihalyi then at the University of chicago.

In one of his later books, the evolving self, he came close to this observation, that the most gratified life for a variety of well-expounded reasons by him, is the one devoted to the well-being of creation. It provides the longest time in flow with the fewest interruptions.

This is what Jesus discovered 2000 years ago for himself and then lived and died to share his Discovery with us and for 2,000 years we've ignored it, substituting the feces drenched Christianity which is the opposite of invitation to flow, no, say some words, continue to be addicted to stuff, the opposite of flow, and you'll get a condo in the sky, also not flow.

The rest is history.

Non-flow gratification is the individual, societal, and now planet killer.

Almost certainly too late now for society and the planet, but not for the individual and those we can influence. Let's get on with it.