Disciple James log. Jesus effectively forbade adulthood.

In consideration of Jesus teachings, see the following, I as a disciple must, and wish to, more radically abstain from being, encouraging, participating in adulthood. With Extreme Caution only on rare occasions must I either indulge in myself, or in anyone else, adulthood. 

If I find this is a mistake I will be open to recognizing that and adjusting. That it might inconvenience me, put me a physical danger, is not necessarily sufficient justification that it's a mistake.

If it is a correct understanding of Jesus it will increase my abundant joyful life and or increase my likelihood of causing that in others. And I expect that to be the case.

Jesus directly or implied:

Unless you convert and become like a little child you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Have sex, procreate, if you must. Avoid it if you can. Paraphrase with liberties.

Adore your father in Heaven. Paraphrase with liberties.

Be a dutiful child of your father in Heaven. Paraphrase with liberties.

Do not adore money. Paraphrase with liberties.

The kingdom of heaven is of children, the childlike. Paraphrase with liberties.

Obey adults, but only to the extent that you must to survive.

Humble yourself like a little child.

Be the prodigal son. Paraphrase with liberties.

Be irresponsible, be good, your left hand not knowing what your right hand is doing. Paraphrase with liberties.

Be irresponsible. Your heavenly father will take care of you. Paraphrase with liberties.